The Accessories for the Galaxy S9 and S9+ Are Already Revealed

Galaxy S9 DexPad

According to the information from the online retailer of mobile devices, the list of official accessories for the upcoming Samsung’s S9 is already known. The users will be offered a variety of protective covers as well as innovative wireless charging pad that can be used with both fresh flagships. What is more, it is expected that the company will also present the latest DeX Pad that will provide an opportunity to use the handset as a mouse while the pad itself will take a role of a keyboard. It will be a perfect option for active users who won’t need to any additional devices with them.

Among the phone cases that are well-known due to the previous Galaxy smartphones, the Korean giant is going to offer an absolutely new unit that is called the Hyperknit cover. Taking into consideration the color options of the new cover, we can suppose that the S9 and S9+ will be presented in the same hues as their predecessors. The big fans of bright colors will get an opportunity to choose between the Hyperknit and Alcantara cases that will be available in red as well. What is more it’s expected that the Plus-sized version of the upcoming smartphone will also appear in a Purple color.

Anyway, it’s not absolutely trustworthy information yet and we should better wait for the official news from Samsung in the nearest future.