Innovative Environmental Sensor for the New Samsung Smartphones: Myth or Reality

Samsung Sensor

As we can see, the functionality of the latest smartphones has changed greatly over the last few years. The modern devices have a big number of features that seemed to be unreal not long ago. That’s why the recent news from Samsung hasn’t really surprised the big fans of the Galaxy handsets. 

It is said that the company has already developed so-called environmental sensor that is going to be a part of the future smartphones from Samsung. The main aim of the new option is to evaluate the air quality in any location. It might be extremely useful for people who often travel to foreign countries as they will know for sure the level of pollution in a particular environment. It is supposed that the sensor can easily identify the atmospheric conditions and if they are too dangerous, the smartphone may suggest you to wear a pollution mask, for example.

Although this new option for the Galaxy smartphones is only a patent, but we are sure that it will be absolutely in demand, especially in the Asian market. Who knows maybe the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 will already have this environmental sensor.