New Updates for Samsung Knox from BlackBerry

Samsung Knox

According to the recent news, SecuSuite is going to receive some new features that were developed by the BlackBerry. Both companies have been already cooperating for years to provide good security for Samsung users. The SecuSuite service was used for the Galaxy S6 a few years ago for the first time.

Blackberry keeps on providing new improvements and has already presented the latest tool s that will ensure secure voice and data communication. As a result, the owners of the Samsung’s devices get two new products. Due to the SecuVoice, there is no need to worry about the security of the phone calls any more. Another new service, the BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Management platform, was developed for managing all Samsung devices, including smartphones and tablets. 

SecuVoice has been already used for several years to provide secure calls of the German Federal Administration. And since now it has become a part of the Samsung Knox and will be available for the common users as well.

These new solutions are supported by a number of Samsung’s handsets and tablets, including the Galaxy S7, S8 and S8+, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as well as the Galaxy Tab S2 and Tab S3.