Samsung Fans Will Be Surprised by a New Android Flip Handset

Samsung Flip Phone

Today’s tech market is full of different smartphones so there is no problem to find the one that will be to your taste. Taking into consideration the modern tendencies, we might admit that there are not so many devices that come in a clamshell form. Samsung used to impress the consumers and it’s not a secret already that the company is going to present a new flip phone for the public. 

The new model of Android device will be named SM-W2018 and it’s going to be an elegant and functional smartphone according to the images that have recently appeared online. It is supposed that an upcoming product will have a Full HD Display of 4.2 inches and will be powered by Snapdragon 835 processor. The users will definitely like its 12 MP rear camera as well as the front one of 5 MP. The excellent working capacity will be provided by 2.300 mAh battery. If all the mentioned specifications are going to be true, the new handset will take the leading positions on the market together with other Samsung’s flagships. 

Although there is still no exact information about the upcoming flip-phone, we hope that it will become available for purchase in some regions in the nearest future. It is supposed that the new device will cost about $2000.