Samsung Removed Restrictions of Using Free Themes in Pie


It was informed several weeks ago that Samsung set a definite period of time for Galaxy themes, that were free. Clients received a special notification about a limit of using free themes for two weeks after their application. But it seems that a Korean giant changed its mind and removed a time restriction. Now, all users of Korean devices will not find limitations in using various themes on Smartphones running beta version of Android Pie.

There will be no restriction in using free themes?

A Korean giant didn’t provide an answer to these changes. Earlier users of Samsung Smartphones got notifications saying that beginning with Pie, themes that were free could be used for two weeks. After a stated period of time they would be automatically returned to the default ones.

It was informed that such a policy had to help young designers to invent really superb products , providing high quality services for users. Some said that a Korean manufacturer helped developers to get more profit by using a special limit for themes. All owners of Korean devices received a notification about expiration in a day before a dead line.

It seems that Samsung rethought its policy one more time. An Application Samsung Themes doesn’t include info about two weeks limit. There is no reminding button in the app.

Maybe a Korean company understood that there are not so many people, who are ready to pay for various themes. But maybe, a company’s policy will change after release of Android Pie. It is not a secret that clients are allowed to test a beta version now.