Android Oreo Was Accidentally Rolled Out in Vietnam


The release date of new Oreo platform for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ is not set yet. The program developing was completed a few weeks ago, but the company still didn’t say anything about public presentation or release. We already know that the Korean giant is developing the Android update for some other gadgets as well, such as the S7 and S7 edge models. Nevertheless, it became known that some lucky Galaxy S7 edge owner already has the new update.

It seems that this user from Vietnam got a firmware version of the new Android platform. Samsung confirms it is a real update.

It seems to be impossible that the company rolls out a new program update for earlier models before its release for the Samsung’s flagships. There are several versions of what took a place. First, it could be a mistake or an accidental rolling out. On the other hand, perhaps, it was a leak at Vietnam’s department of the company. Or even a dev version of the Oreo.

Unfortunately, such things happen quite often. Almost the same situation was with previous updates of the Android. What is more, several users of the Galaxy Note 8 got a new Oreo version of the program last month.

The company doesn’t provide information when the Oreo will be available for S7 or S7 edge. Perhaps, several months will pass before the update will be released for these models.