Galaxy Note 8 in Orchid Grey Color will be Launched on the Indian Market


It seems that Samsung wishes to sell more devices , manufactured last year, on the Indian Market. A Korean giant reduced prices for Galaxy S8 and S8+ and even launched this Smartphone in a new color- Burgundy red. Though Galaxy Note 8 has a stable price and it will not be reduced in the nearest future, Samsung decided to propose this device in one more color- Orchid Grey. Now, customers will have a better choice of colors, they can purchase Gold, Black and Orchid Grey Note 8. Orchid Grey Smartphone will appear on the shelves of stores starting from this Tuesday.

Galaxy Note 8 is the latest and one of the best versions of devices from Note series, so it is not surprising why Samsung doesn’t have a wish to reduce its price. It costs around 68000 Rs. Galaxy S9 is only around 3000 Rs more expensive. There is a great chance to receive cashback, if you pay for a Smartphone using wallet Paytm. If you are not a fan of grey colors, then it will be better to give preference to the latest flagship from a company-S9. It is necessary to mention that Indian consumers can’t purchase Titanium Grey S9, it was not launched in India. One can choose between Black, Blue and Lilac colors.