Two American Carriers Provide Oreo Update for Galaxy Note 8


A first carrier that provided Oreo update for Galaxy Note 8 was AT&T, so the next carriers that will release it, will be Verizon and Sprint. It is necessary to mention that AT&T was the last carrier that provided an update for Galaxy S8 on the US market. Users of Note 8 informed that they are getting a fresh update for Smartphones.

Everyone expected to see fresh updates in the nearest future, because Samsung promised to provide it in two or three weeks for all carriers. Samsung promised to roll out an update for unlocked and locked devices. Unlocked version of Note 8 may receive an update a little bit later on the UA market. It is because Samsung is thoroughly testing their functionality on various networks. The biggest American carriers have received an update for Note 8, unlocked devices will get it a little bit later.

New version of firmware is rolled out over the air and includes useful improvements as mode picture in picture and Autofill. More than that, devices will run Android 8.0. Oreo.

Everyone can get an update manually, just go to Settings application and find menu Software Update. There is one more American carrier that will have to provide an update for Galaxy Note 8 in the nearest future and it is T-Mobile.