Android Pie Provides One More Battery Saving Option


It seems that the latest Android firmware is aimed to improve the battery features on Samsung’s smartphones. The official Pie includes a new option that allows to disable applications that aren’t being used for more than 30 days. It is some kind of upgrade of the current function that is aimed to get rid of applications that are not in use for more than 3 days. It gives an opportunity to prevent them from running in background. Don’t forget about Adaptive Battery option and you will have a good number of useful features that make you free from regular charging of your Galaxy smartphone.

If your handset is already updated to Android Pie, don’t miss a chance to try the new option. So, how to find auto disable unused applications function? Go to ‘Settings’, find ‘Device care’ menu and then ‘Battery section’. Tap the three-dot button and chose ‘settings’ button there. Here is the desired option.

As soon as it’s activated, you may find the list of disabled applications in the menu just below the ‘Auto disable unused apps’ function. Taking into consideration that the official Pie hasn’t been on board for over 30 days yet, it is impossible to test the new feature right now. Anyway, it will become an extremely useful for the users who tend to install too many applications that are actually not used.

Although the Android Pie has brought plenty of great features, the one mentioned above seems to be the most useful as it helps to save the battery charge and as a result to improve the working capacity of the device. If you haven’t updated to the official Pie yet, check out whether it’s already available for your smartphone.