Is There Anything New about Galaxy S10 Lite?


Finally, it is time to know more about the upcoming S-series smartphones that are expected to be released at the beginning of this year. The first official benchmark listing has already appeared on Geekbench, so it means we are ready to check out the main characteristics of the S10 smartphones. The Galaxy S10 Lite is the first in the list, so let’s move on.

We have previously mentioned that the Lite version of the forthcoming flagships is going to be the cheapest model in a series. The device with a model number SM-G970U is aimed at the US market. It will run Android Pie and have Snapdragon855 on board. Taking into consideration that Galaxy S10 Lite is having pretty poor characteristics compared to other S10 models, the random access memory of 6GB sounds really impressive. For those who unaware, the previous S series flagship had only 4GB RAM. Can it mean that more expensive models of the lineup, S10 edge and S10+ will get 8GB RAM or even more? At least, it’s expected that these devices will come with the same processor mentioned above.

So, what’s about other specs that will be on board of the S10 Lite? It’s likely to have 128GB of internal storage and 3.100 mAh battery that seems to be too small for the flagship. At least, we expect it will show enough endurance during a busy day. The consumers will also find dual camera as well as fingerprint scanner implemented into a power key.

We suppose that Galaxy S10 Lite will be presented at the end of February. The 5G version of S10 is likely to be launched in the nearest future as well.