Samsung Has Finally Unveiled the Prototype of Its Foldable Phone


It seems that all big fans of modern gadgets have been waiting for this moment. The Korean company has finally introduced its anticipated foldable smartphone at CES 2019 that is taking place in Las Vegas. Although it’s just a prototype of the future device and by the time of its official launch there can be some changes, anyway it’s a big step forward.

It has become known that it was some kind of private presentation and the product has been introduced to some clients of the company, including the carriers. Almost the same situation happened in 2014 when the Korean giant unveiled a foldable AMOLED display at the private session. However, we haven’t seen the final product until this day.

There is still a possibility that Samsung isn’t ready to release the desired device yet, and all these reports are just aimed to stir up the public. But we’ve got to know that Samsung indeed is working on the software and hardware for the future device right now. The main aim of the developers is to present a smooth screen when the phone is unfolded, so that there haven’t been any signs that the phone has been folded. Although the current prototype still has a crease mark on the display, it is expected to be corrected by the time of the smartphone’s release.

Earlier in November Samsung Company already revealed the phone’s prototype but its body was covered with a protective case. As far as we could notice, the handset would come with an external display of 4.6 inches and when it’s folded out, the screen would enlarge up to 7.3 inches. It’s evident that the new foldable phone won’t be a kind of affordable device. Taking in consideration its specifications, it might become a perfect option for wealthy men who are ready to pay a fortune for the innovative gadget.