The Release Date of Galaxy Fold Is Close at Hand


Alongside with the upcoming S series flagships, the innovative foldable handset that is likely to be called Galaxy Fold, has become the main topic of the recent online discussions. The display for the mentioned phone was already presented in November at SCD 2018. The true fans of Samsung devices hoped that the new device would be totally unveiled at the CES 2019, but unfortunately it has been presented to a small group of company’s clients behind the closed doors.

At the session it was reported that the new smartphone will actually be launched in the 1st half of 2019. It seems that we have been waiting for ages the release date of this anticipated device. Finally, the Korean giant is ready to make a serious step and present its first foldable phone. We hope that nothing will change and Galaxy Fold will indeed make a public appearance in a short period of time.

It is going to be another flagship from Samsung that will actually cost more than any new smartphone of S series. The foldable phone is likely to have a triple camera module at the back panel. According to the previous reports, it is going to be the first handset with two batteries that will have 6.000mAh in total. And of course, the developers haven’t forgotten about Bixby. Its 3.0 version will be on board as well. The phone’s firmware is being developed already, so it’s evident that Galaxy Fold is absolutely ready to be released pretty soon. It has become known that the Korean giant is going to produce only 1 million devices at first. It’s expected that due to the high price, the foldable phone might not be in huge demand.