Get Ready to Meet the Official Android Pie for Galaxy A7 2018 this Spring


It is not surprising that alongside with the news concerning the upcoming Samsung’s flagships, we continue to inform you about the next Android Pie releases. It is an important event for all Galaxy users anyway, so let’s move on. Taking into consideration that the top Samsung’s handsets have already got the desired updates, we may expect that the budget-friendly Galaxy smartphones will be updated to the latest Pie in the nearest future. It has become known that the Korean giant is bringing the new Android to the A series devices and it seems the Galaxy A7 2018 might become the first to get the update as it has already got the Certification from Wi-Fi Alliance.

According to the previous reports from the company, it’s expected that the owners of the Galaxy A7 2018 might get their devices updated in April. Of course, there can be still some changes in a schedule of Android Pie release. However, we have some reasons to suggest that the A7 2018 will be exactly the first handset among the other A series devices to get the official Android Pie. First of all, it may happen because this very smartphone was the first to receive the test Pie firmware. In our opinion, it’s rather trustworthy reference. However, it’s evident that the Korean giant is planning to bring the latest Android version for all the other A-series handsets this April as well. Actually, it doesn’t make sense which of the Galaxy A devices will be the first to get the desired Pie. Anyway, all of them will be updated in the nearest future.

There is still a possibility that Samsung will make some changes in dates of actual rolling. So it’s better to rely on the official information from the company that might leak online pretty soon. The only thing is evident is that A-series smartphones won’t get the beta version, but they will definitely get all the desired features and improvements that concern One User Interface as well.