Samsung Praised for Environmental Initiatives in Electronics Recycling


Samsung Electronics has added a new award to its long list of prestigious titles. This time, the company was praised for its effective social initiatives and projects that improve the awareness of electronic recycling. The Environmental Protection Award appeared to be the first-of-a-kind reward for Samsung in references to safety and environmental-friendly initiatives.

The jury was deeply satisfied with projects introduced by the company. All of them have been launched several years ago referring to the field of electronics disposal and recycling. Launched by the Kommersant Publishing House, the project is to highlight companies and entrepreneurs making their contribution into the environmental safety in 4 major categories including:

  • Cultural field.
  • Charitable Efforts and Social Responsibilities.
  • Ecology.
  • Individual contribution.

The company made its way to the first place in all four categories leaving both corporate businesses and individuals behind. The company introduced some of its award-winning environmental projects that were highly honored by the jury. One of the projects included a so-called “School of recycling: electronics”. The main mission of the project is to make people aware of the problem as well as improve their responsibility in terms of environmental protection. Launched in 2018, the school will promote a proper attitude towards the problem among students in Russia and in the rest of the world in case of project success.

The “Eco Recycling” program is another honorable project launched by Samsung back in 2010. The idea is to place specific containers throughout the country to collect out-of-date tablets, batteries, smartphones and other portable equipment to be recycled.