How much does It Cost to Become an Owner of the New 8K TV from Samsung?


This month the Korean giant has finally released the anticipated 8K QLED TV lineup at CES 2019. The consumers have been offered a few models of different sizes, including the large TV of 85 inches as well as the other models with displays of 82, 75, and 65 inches. What is more, the company presented the giant TV of 98 inches that has absolutely impressed the audience. Now it’s time to know more about the new 8K QLED TV’s specifications, their prices and availability in the regions.

So what makes the innovative Samsung’s product so unique? The TVs come with Quantum Processor 8K that provides excellent 8 K resolution and extremely high color rendition. However, the most impressive option is that the mentioned processor is able to convert the content from different sources to 8K, no matter they are using HDMI, streaming services or any other accessories. The new TVs also come with Bixby support for even better user experience.

As soon as you become the owner of the innovative 8K TV, you’ll find out that it comes with Samsung’s One Connect box that has HDMI 2.0 b ports which allow to reach the 8k video quality at 30 Hz. In case the frame rates are higher, another version of connector is needed. The company is still working on HDMI 2.0 and will become available soon after the certification.

It was previously reported that the 8K TV with a display of 85 inches would cost about $15.000. This very model will become available for purchase at the beginning of February. In a month after that the models of 65 and 75 inches will hit the market as well. If you are planning to purchase one of these units, get ready to pay $5.000 and $7.000 respectively. The 82-inch TV model will be launched at the end of March at the price of $10.000. Any of the positions is already available for online pre-orders via Samsung Online Store.