Facebook App Will Stay with Samsung Phones for Good


Other Android phones manufacturers are not an exception. Facebook has made its best to become the in-built custom Android application. The largest social network has made several crucial deals that do not reserve any space for both producers and smartphone owners to delete it.

Android users have experienced the situation when being unable to remove the Facebook app permanently. All you can do is to enable it. The situation is very unlikely to change in the nearest future. According to deals and agreements between the network and Android device produces reported by Bloomberg, the application can be only disabled but not removed from the device. It comes as the pre-installed service and still can affect the device itself as well as its user.

The situation looks pretty contradictory. Samsung usually provides its crapware (in-built applications and services) consisting of only native apps and those developed by the manufacturer. Third-party default applications will hardly please Galaxy and other Android smartphone owners, especially if considering the lack of trust towards the biggest social network after the recent scandal with collecting users' info.

Privacy International published a detailed report last week revealing some interesting facts about the Facebook app. The platform is able to generate personal data and track users even when they do not have active Facebook accounts. In other words, having a Facebook app by default on your smartphone might mean that you are tracked every time you use SDK as a developer, Business YTools as the marketer or services like Indeed job database, Duolingo instrument to learn languages, etc.