Samsung 8K TV Sets Will Get a Smarter Look and Sharper Picture


8K TV Sets will deliver a more stunning picture and elegant design than ever before! Powered by the new IC (DDI) display driver, they will come with some significant improvements and technological advances resulting in better efficiency as well as performance.

The new driver runs at 4Gbps, which is considered to be yet the highest intra-panel speed. It makes it possible for bezel-less TV sets to deliver ultra-high resolution and let users enjoy the overwhelming picture. The DDI drive allows implementing a sleeker and more elegant TV design in addition to real-life 8K resolution.

According to specs and characteristics, the new drive boasts high efficiency and does not require using additional components. It ensures great performance as well as enhanced capabilities whenever you need to transfer data. Moreover, 65-inch bezel-less TV sets will come with a more streamlined design to meet the needs of the most demanding consumers.

Consumers are craving for higher-resolution pictures and overwhelming viewing experience. The new DDI drive is actually the only one at the market to deliver 8K resolution out of the box. Users will certainly appreciate real-to-life colors, sharper clarity, more accurate picture details and more. The number of pixels has increased in 8K TVs if compared to older 4K UHD versions, devices require a more powerful drive to ensure the viewing experience and picture resolution accordingly.

TVs are getting an improved intuitive interface that provides full access to a compact equalizer. Handling the setting up is very simple. Users will not have to manually calibrate the drive. The equalizer smart feature will manage the panel as well as all its components simultaneously. It can set all necessary DDI functions to prevent the slightest risk of errors.