​The Battery Life of Galaxy S9 Shows Poor Performance with Official Android Pie


The quick launch of the final Pie version has become an absolute surprise for Android users. Although the updated firmware appeared really stable for the first time, now it seems that developers have missed some important issues. According to the recent reports from S9 users who have already updated their devices to the final Pie, the battery performance is not as great as it expected to be. While the new firmware promised much better working capacity compared with Android Oreo, it has been noticed that now the battery can go down from 10% to 5% just in a couple seconds without having any application on.

A curious thing is that when using some application, the battery charge doesn’t actually fall so fast. So it proves the fact that even the final version of a new firmware still may have some irritating bugs that must be fixed with the next updates. However, it is still unclear how many users have the same problem with smartphones battery after the update. There is a possibility that the company is still unaware of the mentioned issue so we need to collect more complaints to let them know about the problem. In this case, it’s good that Samsung has released the official Pie only in a few countries as they will have a chance to fix this bug before the firmware becomes more available.

There wasn’t an official announcement from the company that the Galaxy S9 would get the update at Christmas, so maybe it was some kind of experiment. The owners of both Note 9 and S9 have been waiting for the latest Android Pie in January 2019 as it was previously mentioned. While the Note 9 still has beta version of the program the company may not make any official release. Perhaps, as soon as it’s ready the global rollout might star for both flagships.