Android Pie Auto-optimization: Best Way to Free the Storage of Your Galaxy Smartphone


Those who appreciate modern devices that are not only well-designed but also have excellent functionality choose Galaxy smartphones without any doubts. One of the most important features that allow a handset to perform really well is an opportunity to clear its memory by getting rid of needles files and stopping background applications. The only inconvenience is that the users should never forget to free the storage in order to enjoy the excellent work of their device. Fortunately, the Korean company decided to alleviate the situation and have presented a new feature that is called ‘Auto-optimization with Android Pie and One User Interface’.

In other words, auto-optimization is a kind of restart option that is already present on Samsung’s smartphones. All you need to do is to activate the option and it will help the smartphone to get rid of unnecessary apps and files every day on a specific time. The Auto-optimization will check out carefully and clear the programs that haven’t been used for a long time while the recently used applications and other private information will be saved.

As soon as your Galaxy handset gets the official Android Pie, you should go to the ‘Settings’, find ‘Device Care’ option, tap three-dot button at the top and choose ‘Auto-optimization’. This way you will activate the necessary option and it will clear your device based on schedule that you choose. But remember, the optimization may not happen at set time if you are using the handset at this very moment. So it’s better to choose night time for this case.