The New 5G Smartphone from Samsung Will Hit the US Market in a Few Months


It has become known that Sprint is going to present the 5G Samsung handset alongside with other top US carriers. Actually, it’s not surprising as the 5G network is going to be set off early this summer. There are not any details concerning the specifications of the upcoming smartphone, but we suppose that it might become the Galaxy S10 that supports 5G. It is not a secret for anyone that Samsung has been working on 5G S10 for some period of time, so maybe it’s time to present the device to the public.

According to the latest reports, Sprint is going to start off the 5G network at the beginning of 2019. The first US cities that are likely to get the new mobile network include Washington D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas and some others. It is expected that the mentioned handset will be released at the same time, although the exact date is still unknown. The new device is likely to be connected to both LTE and 5G networks. Like the traditional Galaxy S10 it’s going to 6 cameras in total as well as the capacity to wirelessly charge other devices. There will be two versions of the upcoming smartphone the one with Snapdragon and the other with Exynos processor. In fact, both models will be powerful enough to support the next-generation mobile network.

Samsung’s 5G S10 will be presented at MWC 2019 that will be held in February. The smartphone will become available for purchase in the US the following month.