Google fined €50 million for Violating GDPR Date Rules


While being the largest search engine across the globe, Google appears to pay the biggest fins for violating the laws of the Global Web. It sounds strange but the company has violated some of the GDPR data rules. The results was a €50 million fine claimed by the French data protection authority in the face of CNIL.

The reason of imposing such a huge fine on the world’s leading search engine and web technology producer appeared to be the lack of transparency and valid consent regarding personalized ad campaigns forwarded by Google to CNIL customers. The violation particularly included inadequate information received by the users.

CNIL is not the only company to blame Google for violating GDPR data rues established in EU starting from 2018. There was a group complaint from other associations and privacy authorities such as NOYB and LQDN. According to their statements, Google processes personal data of their users without having the right to proceed. Moreover, Google used users’ data for its personal advertising purposes.

It is actually the first time European authorities have a chance to bring GDPR punishment into action.