Samsung Reveals 8K Digital Signage New Gen Displays at ISE 20 19


The ISE 2019 is in full swing with tons of breaking introductions and releases. Samsung has made several award-winning announcements introducing its brand new storefront display as well as the new generation 8K Digital Signage screen that is believed to break the edge of picture quality.

The South Korean manufacturer is planning to launch its first ever signage mass production featuring its flagship in the face of QLED 8K display with advanced picture quality that will turn out to be a revolutionary feature in the field digital signage products.

The company has presented several major modifications of its new-gen displays Apart from already mentioned 8K Signage, ISE 2019 visitors have a chance to witness The Wall 2019 and Multi-Link LED HDR displays based on signage technology. Let’s have a closer look at what Samsung is planning to hit the market with.

QLED 8K Signage AI-based Display ft. The Highest Resolution Ever

The latest 82” Signage display will support the highest resolution we ever experienced. At the same time, the device will have an AI-based technology to deliver the best immersive viewing experience to users craving for upscale technological solutions in terms of high-resolution pictures.

The products will be available in a slim design featuring less than 40mm depth. Displays will be available in black color packed advanced technologies to deliver impressive picture at 7 680 x 4 320 pixels and 100% Color Volume.

8K The Wall 292”

The Korean manufacturer is planning to launch its 292” The Wall 8K display in mass production in the first half of 2019. In other words, consumers will get a chance to experience large-format modular display in the nearest future. The main target audience includes luxury hotels, conference halls or other residences requiring customizable high-resolution solutions for business or corporate purposes.

The Wall is a bezel-less slim display with a set of modes and functions. It will get a customizable décor frame so you could choose its color or texture when opting for the Ambient Mode feature. It lets you look through photos, painting or other pieces of art with the best-matching surroundings and background.

First Ever 8K HDR Display Designed for LED Signage

Also known under the Multi-Link LED HDR, the product is actually industry’s first 8K display produced for LED Signage. The main benefit of the new device is its ability to turn any image, photo or video into HDR quality. The technology does not require additional meta-data to handle the transformation process.

The display will get a Frame Lock Function to let users synchronize separate devices or integrate the model with other sources of images. In addition, Multi-Link LED HDR is capable to deliver live content with no need of using cable clutter.