Note 10 Leaks Galaxy Stylus Equipped with Camera


We know literally everything about the upcoming Galaxy S10 thanks to numerous leaks and speculations. One may hardly expect something new during the “Unpacked” event from what we have already learned. The same story is with new Galaxy Sport smartwatch as well as anticipated Fold Phone. Little mystery is left around those devices.

However, the situation with Note 10 is different. We cannot even imagine what the South Korean manufacturer is preparing for its high-end handset also known under the Galaxy Note 10. What we can say for sure, is that its Stylus pen will certainly get some overwhelming upgrades in addition to already existing Bluetooth functionality. It lets users take photos or slide through different pictures during the presentation. In other words, Galaxy Stylus is packed with features and we can surely expect for more.

Patented Mobile was rumored to announce new Samsung’s patent. According to the available information, the Note 10 Stylus pen may get its own in-built camera instead of being a simple controller for taking photos.

The pen will boast good optical zoom capabilities. Here is how the idea will be implemented:

Samsung has already got its patent granted by the official organizations. The company plans to adopt the same technology for its TVs and laptops in the nearest future.