Apple May Get Samsung Fold Phone Screen Samples


When we say “may get” we do not mean anything related to industrial espionage. Samsung is heard to offer its fold phone display samples to its main competitor on the mobile market. This time we will try to figure out the reason for such generosity.

The information leaked from one of the Google reports. According to some rumors, the South Korean manufacturer will provide its screen samples to Apple. They will include 7.2-inch displays used in the production of Samsung Foldable phones. If everything runs smoothly, we might see the South Korean company as the main supplier of panels to Apple.

Well, the news is not as surprising as it may seem considering the fact that Samsung provides its US-based rival with OLED components that can be found on various iPhone models including XS and XS Max. If the agreement takes place, Samsung will have to increase its production capacity from the current 2.4 million foldable displays per year up to 10 million.

OLED displays have been of major Apple’s interest over the years. At the same time, the release of the new-gen Galaxy F Phone will put the American manufacturer under pressure in terms of competition. They will have to deliver a compelling mobile alternative in the nearest future. For this reason, the news of the upcoming 2019 iPhone with fixed display panels makes it clear Apple is about to lose the battle at least until it gets foldable screens for its iPhone models by 2020.