Bixby Button Remapping Support Arrives on the range of Samsung Galaxy Devices


Bixby technology is receiving a major update that will roll out on a series of Galaxy devices. They include Galaxy S9 and S9 Note as well as Galaxy S8 and S8 Note. By the way, Galaxy S8 has been the first ever Samsung device to feature a dedicated Bixby button. The main idea of the upgrade is to let users remap the button into another app or quick commands. Users can decide whether to use the new feature or disable it completely.

The rumors about Bixby button getting remapping support appeared a couple of weeks ago. The idea was to improve some of the galaxy older lineups powered mainly by Android 9 Pie. Starting from today, the S9 and S8 series can have the button remapped letting users run third-party applications and services through the Bixby functionality.

In terms of usability, owners can run quick commands with the help of “double-press” options. The same operations are made to run different services and apps. However, the Bixby functionality will not let you launch the Google Assistant application while Bixby Voice capability is still available by long pressing. If you are unhappy with new Bixby functionality, you are free to disable it completely.

The debut of the Bixby dedicated button took place with the introduction of Galaxy S8 handset. However, all phones were limited when it came to remapping the button and have a chance to trigger other services and apps. Developers were fired to think of their own solution to improve the situation. The company rejected most of the offered solutions making users mad.

Finally, Samsung realized the necessity of Bixby adoption. If you have Galaxy S9, S9 Note, S8 or S8 Note handset, all you need to get the remapping feature is to update your Bixby app.