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Update from T-Mobile Improved Some Galaxy S9 Features

Galaxy S9 T-Mobile

Clients who were lucky to get their devices can receive an Update of flagship’s firmware from T-Mobile. Yesterday it was informed that people, who made preorders, have already received their Smartphones.

Samsung is Going to Spend more than 6,5 billion USD on Memory Production

Samsung NAND chip

Samsung is a company that is constantly developing and improving its production lines. As previously reported, A Korean company had plans to spend around 9 billion USD on building some production lines for NAND chips in Korea and China.

Problems with SmartThings hub in the USA

SmartThings Hub

North American users of Samsung SmartThings informed about some problems in work of a hub. It went down without any particular reason and made it almost impossible to use devices that depend on a hub. They are various locks, doors and smart lights. Samsung didn’t provide information about a reason that caused such an outage.

You Will Get Not Only Galaxy S9 Smartphone but a Free Case

Galaxy S9 free case

There is information that Samsung is going to add a free case into the box with Galaxy S9 and S9+. Such a proposition will be available on some markets. It seems that India is for such an idea, it will help to compete with several Chinese manufacturers that provide free cases for their devices. Such devices as Galaxy S9, Note 8 and A8+ were sold in India with a free case inside a box.

Work of Variable Aperture Camera on Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9 camera

Galaxy S9 is a first device with unique variable aperture camera. A rare camera can automatically switch from a lowest aperture to the f/2.4. It is also possible to switch it manually. It was really interesting to know how this variable aperture camera works and now you can bate your curiosity thanks to a video that appeared in the net.

Some Lucky Clients of T-Mobile will Get their Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9 T-mobile

Promotion Company has slowed down a little bit, because new flagship Galaxy S9 and S9+ are officially on a market.  But a lot of clients are very excited because they are still waiting for new Smartphones.  Some lucky clients of T-Mobile might get their devices today. This company is known for being the first to sell new devices.  There were cases, when clients received their devices even two weeks earlier, before an official date.

Galaxy S9 with a Notch like on IPhone X

Galaxy S9 Iphone X

There were a lot of rumors that Samsung changed sizes of bezels on new flagship Smartphones Galaxy S9 and S9+. It made them narrower in comparison with Galaxy S8 devices.  It is necessary to mention that there were other changes in phones design. New Galaxy S9 phones can boast with the better glass and improved metal, so they are more damage resistant. More than that, a company changed location of the fingerprint sensor and it is great for people, who have middle sized or small hands.

Google Lens Feature on New Galaxy S9 and Note 8

Google Lens

Google represented a new tool that is used for visual search and is known as Google Lens. It can analyze pictures that are captured by the Smartphones camera and provide proper content. This unique feature was created for Pixel Smartphones, but now a company changed its policy and is ready to share this new feature with other devices working on Android.

Some Reasons to Exchange Galaxy S8 for New Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9 vs Galaxy S8

New flagship Smartphones Galaxy S9 and S9+ were released in the beginning of the year and other Samsung devices that will appear this year will be compared with Galaxy S9. There will be a lot of information about new Smartphones in the nearest future and many clients will have a wish to purchase these devices. Some will give preference to Galaxy S8, it will cost less than the newest model. But, let’s look at some reasons, why it is better to own Galaxy S9 than S8 or S8+.

Admire Internals of Galaxy S9 thanks to Transparent Back

Galaxy S9 Transparent

If you wish to own a unique Galaxy S9, then you will probably like an idea of having a Smartphone with the transparent back.  If you have a wish to remove paint from the back of your device, note that you will lose a guarantee and your Smartphone will not be waterproof any more.