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New Leaks about the Forthcoming Galaxy A7 from Samsung

Galaxy A7 2018

As soon as the listing for Galaxy A5 (2018) has appeared online, the same situation has happened to the upcoming A7 (2018). If to take into consideration that both smartphones have also been noticed on the FCC database, we might suppose that the anticipated handsets will soon be presented by the Korean company.

Samsung Is Going to Unify the Galaxy A Smartphones with Existing Flagships

Galaxy A5 A7 2018

It is not a surprise for anyone that there are too much rumors about the anticipated Galaxy A series handsets. According to the latest ones, the company might present the new Galaxy A8 and A8+ as their images have appeared online recently. It is really hard to believe so we suppose that they are just iterations of the upcoming A5 and A7 (2018).

Bixby Might Soon Become Available for Samsung TVs

Bixby Samsung TV

The users of the fresh Galaxy S8 have been the first to get the innovative digital assistant together with a new functional device. A bit later Bixby has become available for the Note 8 as well. What is more, it’s already not a secret that the personal assistant will be present in other Samsung smart devices.

The Galaxy Note8 from AT&T Is Getting the Latest Security Update

Galaxy Note 8

As it has been informed recently, AT&T has presented October security update that is going to provide a number of useful changes for their version of Galaxy Note8. The latest patch for Krack vulnerability is supposed to help the users to keep safe their data that can be easily stolen by the hackers in case the device is connected to the wireless network. What is more, the fresh update will provide some improvements for BlueBorne exploit.

The Sales of Samsung Smartwatches Are Far from Perfect

Samsung Smartwatches

It is not a secret that smartwatches produced by the Korean company are supposed to be one of the best among all those that we have on a market today. Anyway Samsung doesn’t sell as much mentioned devices as it could be. If to take into consideration the latest reports from analysts, the company was absolutely left behind by its rivals as it sold only one smart watch for every 23 handsets. And that’s not the best results, unfortunately.

The Users of Samsung Devices Should Get Ready for Migration to Secure Folder

Samsung Secure Folder

According to the latest news, the Korean company informed that it is going to leave My Knox platform by the end of December, 2017. It is not a surprise for most of us as earlier before the electronic giant announced that all these actions would done in favor of Secure Folder that is considered to be a reliable place for saving the information.

Get Discounts on Smart Devices Thanks to the Collaboration of Samsung and PayPal

Samsung Paypal

The Korean giant in partnership with PayPal has provided a special offer for the consumers who live in the Netherlands. The last ones may get 20%-discounts in case they buy some Samsung products and pay for them via the PayPal account.

New Rumors about the Upcoming Galaxy A Series Smartphone Have Appeared Online

Galaxy A 2018

As we have already informed, the information about the anticipated Galaxy A7 (2018) has been noticed on FCC not so long ago. Nowadays, another A series smartphone has become the main topic of discussions. The Galaxy A5 (2018) appeared on the official website of the company; however there is still not so much information about the specifications of the future handset. It is supposed that the device is going to have the Infinity Display as well as 4 GB of random access memory and about 32 GB of internal storage. The fresh A5 will probably come with powerful Exynos 7785 processor and 3.300 mAh battery that will provide excellent working efficiency.

Meet Odyssey Mixed Reality Headset at the Retail Stores of South Korea

Samsung Mixed Reality Headset Odyssey

It is not a secret already that the Korean company is going to present their innovative MR headset. Since this information has appeared online, it has become the most popular topic for discussions. As it has been informed recently, the pre-orders for the mentioned devices have been already started in the United States.

The Galaxy S9 Mini from Samsung: Myth or Reality?

Samsung Galaxy S9 mini

According to the latest news, the Korean giant is going to present the mini version of the Galaxy S9 and S9+. The future handset is supposed to have the Infinity Display of 4 inches. Although they are just rumors, but many analytics strongly believe that Samsung is working on a compact variant of their upcoming flagship.