Latest Samsung Firmwares

Device Model Region Version OS Build Changelist
Galaxy J3 SM-J320M
J320MUBU0AQI2 5.1.1 18.09.2017 12303860 Download
Galaxy S7 SM-G930FD
G930FXXS1DQHK 7.0 09.08.2017 11104523 Download
Galaxy J5 SM-J530F
J530FXXU1AQI3 7.0 19.09.2017 12274792 Download
Galaxy J5 SM-J530F
J530FXXU1AQI3 7.0 19.09.2017 12274792 Download
Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T813
T813XXU2BQI1 7.0 04.09.2017 12212928 Download
Galaxy A3 ⑥ SM-A310F
A310FXXU3CQI8 7.0 28.09.2017 12219145 Download
Galaxy C8 SM-C7100
C7100ZCU1AQJ1 7.1.1 10.10.2017 12079436 Download
Galaxy J3 SM-J320M
J320MUBU0AQI1 5.1.1 14.09.2017 12286913 Download
Galaxy A5 ⑥ SM-A510F
A510FXXU4CQJ2 7.0 04.10.2017 12236002 Download
Galaxy J3 SM-J320M
J320MUBU0AQI2 5.1.1 18.09.2017 12303860 Download

Samsung News

Oct 12, 2017
Samsung Knox

According to the recent news, SecuSuite is going to receive some new features that were developed by the BlackBerry. Both companies have been already cooperating for years to provide good security for Samsung users. The SecuSuite service was used for the Galaxy S6 a few years ago for the first time.

Oct 12, 2017
New Samsung Censors

The recent news from Samsung might be pretty interesting for the big fans of the modern devices. It is said that the company is going to use the new ISOCELL sensors for the fresh Galaxy smartphones that are supposed to be much slimmer than their predecessors. The first one is 1.28 micron 12 megapixel ISOCELL Fast 2L9 with Dualpixel camera technology, and another is ultra-small 24 megapixel ISOCELL Slim 2 X 7 with Tetracell technology. Both image sensors will be used for all new handsets, without taking into consideration their price category.