Everything about Samsung Gear S3

Everything about Samsung Gear S3


A Korean giant proposed two versions of Gear S3 smartwatch- they are Frontier and Classic models. A company tried its best and made a really high quality, Swiss design accessory that contains a lot of useful features. A lot of owners of devices from a rival- company wish to know if Samsung Gear s3 work with Iphone. Our answer is –yes, this device works with a lot of gadgets from other manufacturers. If you wish to know more about this exquisite watch, let’s have a look at it closer.

Samsung Gear S3 review

Date of release and price

When Gear S3 appeared on the market about two years ago and it cost more than 340USD, now it is possible to find this smartwatch for around 270 USD. It is not a cheap accessory, but if you need a really reliable and stylish watch, then it is definitely worth purchasing. More than that, if you are a fan of Apple Smartphones, then know that Samsung Gear S3 IPhone compatible.


It is not a secret that a lot of people are looking for Swiss look of accessories and Samsung tried its best to create a superb product, inviting a designer of watches Yvan Arpa. Gear S3 frontier was made for people who don’t like to carry their Smartphones all the time, who appreciate comfort and active lifestyle, Gear S3 classic was manufactured for businessmen who are always attending important meetings and wear smart clothes. Both models of Gear S3 are Iphone friendly.

Two versions of Smartwatches are a little bit bigger than a previous model S2. They have a thick body and are not really lightweight, though a lot of owners of these accessories claim that a new design is much more comfortable to use and looks stylish. For those who have small wrists, it is better for look for another gadget.

Gear S3 Display

A Super Amoled Display on S3 is 1,3 inches with the Gorilla Glass protection and is the same as on the predecessor. Diameter of a screen is bigger in S3, so, no doubts, it is more comfortable using it. A display guarantees that you will see vibrant, bright colors and will be able to read important messages even on sunny days. One of the most interesting features of a device is Always- on -Mode, it makes a display less brighter in order to save energy, but saves an outline of a watch face, so other people may think that you wear a simple watch, not a smart one.

Does Samsung Gear Work with Iphone?

It is really easy to connect Gear S3 to multiple devices. Gear S 3 is IOS friendly and pairs with Smartphones Iphone 5 and the newest models. In order to pair your Smartphone from Apple and a Korean gadget, it is necessary to Samsung Gear app for IPhone. Samsung Gear S 3 Iphone App can be used to add other applications, different fitness, health content and of course to connect and disconnect your gadget to a Smartphone from Apple. Follow this step by step tutorial in order to pair Gear s3 with Iphone.

  • At first Open Samsung Gear IOS App on a Smartphone.
  • Select- Start Journey.
  • Choose your Gear Watch.
  • An application automatically starts scanning Gear gadgets.
  • Then you will see a number of your Gear device that has to be confirmed.
  • Select a Gear watch.
  • Next step is confirming a passkey.
  • Follow all instructions that will pop on a display to finish pairing of two devices.
  • Now you are welcome to use a best smartwatch for Iphone 7 Plus and other devices from Apple.

What can you do after pairing two gadgets?

  • Gear S3 contains twelve watch faces that can be changed almost every day depending on your mood and style.
  • Your smartwatch can send notifications from phone, no matter if they are text messages or from other message applications.
  • You are welcome to answer phone calls with the help of Gear S3.
  • Use various useful applications like calendar, weather forecast, player of music and alarm clock apps. If you desire to have more helpful apps, then download them from IOS apps.
  • Enjoy a platform called Samsung S health. It can automatically track your steps, sleep data, heart rate while walking, running or riding a bike.

Life of Battery

It is really impressive but Gear s 3 goes with a powerful battery that can last for up to three days without additional charging. (from the words of manufacturer) Gear S3 boasts with a battery 3800mAh. Many users tested this gadget and claim that it is really so, a device doesn’t need charging for about 90 hours , using Wi-Fi and Always –on-Mode option. If you wish your accessory to work even longer, you are welcome to disable different apps, just leave excepting notifications and calls and make a display black and white.

Gear S3 Software

There were a lot of talks about software of a gadget. Some were for and others against, but time showed that Tizen OS is a really great choice. A smartwatch works fast, easy and smooth. More than that it contains a large catalogue of various applications and a big plus is that Gear S3 and Iphone work ideally together. Every time a user gets a message from another platform, he is welcome to apply a keyboard T9, dictation system or Emoji to answer it and you don’t have to use a Smartphone. An internal storage of gear S3 is 4 GB, it is enough to keep some favorite music tracks.


Summing up, it is necessary to say that Gear S3 from Samsung is a great smartwatch with a lot of benefits like great design, long battery life, reliable software, impressive performance and Gear S 3 iOS compatibility. If you are looking for a not only stylish, but functional accessory, then it is high time to choose Gear S 3.