Find My Mobile by Samsung

Find My Mobile by Samsung


It is really difficult to imagine the modern world without Smartphones. They help people to connect each other, to be aware of the latest news, to solve a lot of working questions during the day and to be in touch with family members. When a person loses a mobile device or it is stolen, it is a real tragedy.In order to prevent such unpleasant accident, specialists advise to use services that help to find the lost device.

Samsung find my mobile is a special service that will help to find the lost phone.It allows to locate your device and even to perform some operations with it. Samsung find my mobile can make your stolen phone ring or block the screen and even can make a Smartphone delete all contact information and other personal data.

Find my Samsung allows locating not only Smartphones, but tablets. To do it, a client has to enter his Samsung account.If the lost device is powered, an owner can easily block it.

Features of samsung find my mobile service.

  • Power meter- shows how much power battery is on your Samsung device.
  • Can block Samsung pay and all operations that are connected with it.
  • Can reset your phone-remove all kinds of memory.
  • Allows viewing 50 log items, to keep track of calls that have been made from a phone.
  • Set guardian feature allows choosing a person, who will be your guard and will be able to control your device.
  • One more useful feature is that Samsung find my device allows to unlock various locks that are on the phone, if you don’t remember PIN or other important passwords.
  • SIM alert service will inform you if someone has changed a sim card on your mobile device.

So, it will not be a really difficult task to find Samsung phone with the help of this useful service. To start the search it is necessary to create Samsung account or a Google account. To do it, go to Settings- Account-Add account- Samsung account.In order to register you will have to write your email address.If you wish to activate the function of location of Smartphone, then it is necessary to allow remote access on a mobile device. You can do it in Settings-Personal- then choose Security. Then choose Find My mobile and enter the system using your Samsung account. After all these operations you can activate the remote access to your mobile phone.After entering Find my mobile, you can start a search of the lost or stolen device. Just click on Find device. You will get information about its location in several seconds. There is an interesting function, that is called – Track my mobile. It allows to know everything about the telephone location within 12 last hours.

Find my mobile service can locate not only Smartphones, but Samsung tablets and smart watches.