Garageband Apk for Android Phones and Its Alternatives

Garageband Apk for Android Phones and Its Alternatives


Garageband is a really cool application created for all music fans. An apk was designed and made by Apple. Earlier only MAC and IOS owners could use it, but, now you can enjoy free garageband app for android.

Main characteristics of Garageband application:

  • Real studio for creating music
  • Supports a lot of languages, most popular are Russian, German, Korean, Spanish ,French and Chinese
  • Records different musical instruments and melodies
  • Allows to transform music thanks to numerous sound effects

Choosee a version V1.0.4.1. garageband app for android. It has a lot of advantages, because

  • can be used by all people, who have tablets and Android devices
  • there is no need to pay for downloading of this application because it is free
  • it allows making songs fast and easy
  • An interface of garageband for androidis simple and user friendly
  • It works as a mini pocket music studio that is always with you.
  • Includes different filters, that will improve melodies
  • Allows to add voice to tunes

Android garagebandincludes a really impressive sound library of poplar instruments like drums, violin, guitar. Create own music and enjoy it together with friends or family members. It is wrong to think that this application made only for kids, a lot of popular, talented musicians create their melodies using Garageband.

If you wish to download this useful application on Android device just follow next steps:

  1. You will not find garageband android at Google Play Store.
  2. Download an apk manually, but before doing it, get permission from mobile settings to install files from other sources.To get it, go to Settings-Security-Unknown Sources (allow installation of applications from unknown sources).
  3. Find Garageband in internet, then download a file.
  4. Install it on your phone, it may take two seconds.
  5. After a completed installation, you can enjoy a really cool world of music.

If a person has always dreamt to be a real celebrity, but didn’t have a chance to record a song, it is a high time to do it, using a helpful and cool music apk. There are some other popular music applications that can become Garageband alternatives. Let’s look at some of them.

Most Popular Garageband Alternatives for Android devices

  • Walk Band. It is a free application for Android, includes many instruments and will help to make own melodies. Can be used even by newcomers in the world of music.

  • Magic Music Maker Jam. Includes around 100 various styles of music and 8 channel mixer. An application make it possible to record own voice and other sounds. Use a sharing feature to introduce your own song to the whole world.

  • Caustic. This application will be perfect for people with some knowledge of using musical tools. Caustic is a free apk that will help to record a best song on Android device.