Google Store Keeps Crashing

Google Store Keeps Crashing


The great lovers of Android devices start to customize their phones from downloading all the necessary applications from the Google PlayStore. It is the easiest way to find and install the proper app for any gadget. However, sometimes we face with application problems, Google Play Store crashing, for example. Different factors can cause the issue but we offer several easy solutions that might help.

Start with checking if the problem is on your side. Open the Play Store page on the Internet or any application forum.If other users also report about the same problem, wait for a while and give the developer time to fix the app. If you are sure, the reason is hidden in your device, read this article to find out why does Google Play Store keep crashing?

  1. The first method is obvious and easy but very effectual. Reboot the phone if you’ve received the error notification or Play Store has suddenly closed. Press the Power button until a Restart option appears on the screen. After full loading of the operating system of the device, check the application. If the error still appears, use next advice.
  2. Generally, Google Play Store keeps crashing because there might be some difficulties with cache or data, saved on the device. Navigate to device settings, pick “Apps and Notifications”, find Google Play Store, tap on Storage and then tap “Clear data” and “Clear cache” buttons. Check the app.
  3. If the advice above hasn’t helped, try to clear the cache of the mentioned application. You’ll need to repeat the same actions as it was described in the previous tip, but choose the Google Play Services on the list, and press only “Clear cache” button.

These are the easiest ways to solve the Play Store crashing problem. There are also other few tricks that can help you. Sometimes after updating, the app doesn’t work properly. In this case, uninstalling recent updates can become a good solution. Go to the settings of the phone, open “Apps & notifications” page and tap on Google Play Store. In the right upper corner, click the button “Uninstall updates”.

Another option available for you is checking the disabled Google applications. First, check the Download Manager; it should be enabled. Sometimes resetting your Google account also can help. What is more, you should have the latest versions of the Play Store and Google Service. If you’ve deleted updates, try to install it one more time.

If your Google Play Store crash fix has failed, contact any service center so that technicians can find the solution for your device problem.