How do you take a screenshot on Smartphones and tablets?

How do you take a screenshot on Smartphones and tablets?


If you have no idea how to screenshot on a tablet or Smartphone, then read following instructions that will help to save, keep and share important information.

How to take a screenshot on android?

There are different Android Smartphones and it is possible to use some variants to take a screenshot.

Sony mobile devices:

  • In order to get a screenshot on Sony mobile phone, press a volume and power buttons, keep for about 3 seconds and enjoy a saved image.
  • Pull down a panel of notifications and find Screen Shot.
  • Hold down the same buttons to reach the desired goal.

Lenovo phones:

Huawei mobile phones:

  • Just press volume and power buttons for about 1-2 seconds.
  • Find shortcuts at the Notification panel and choose an icon Screenshots.

Acer phones:

  • Find Quick Settings in the mentioned handset and select Screenshot icon.
  • Press two basic buttons and a result.

How to screenshot on Samsung?

If you are an owner of a Samsung’s device, it is really easy to do that. Just use two buttons - Home and Power ones. You have to mention a flash and a white area around a saved picture. There will be also a message at the top of a display- ‘Saving Screenshot’.

How to screenshot on a galaxy?

All lucky owners of Galaxy devices can use two ways to screenshot. The first one is to put fingers on buttons - Home and Power and press them simultaneously. You have to hear a specific sound and see a saved image.

Another variant to reach the goal is really cool - just use gestures. At first, set a palm vertically over the screen, then horizontally swipe across it, there have to be a sound of a camera shutter.Notification on a handset’s display will inform that a screenshot is saved in your Gallery.

Devices that support Palm swipe technique:

    • Galaxy S6,8,7,4.
    • Galaxy S 6 and 7 Edge.
    • Galaxy Note 3,4,5.

So, to take a screenshot on Samsung is really fast and simple.

How to screenshot on Samsung tablet?

You can capture different content on your Samsung tablets. If you have never tried it, read following instructions:

  1. Galaxy Tab 4/S / 3
  2. Galaxy Tab2
  3. Other models of Samsung tablets

Press two buttons simultaneously- Home and Power. Hold them for several seconds.

To screenshot on your Galaxy Tab 2 press and hold such buttons as Home and Back for about a second.

A simple and fast way to make screenshots on other models of Samsung tablets is to use such buttons as Volume Down and Power. In case you have failed, then repeat actions one more time.