How to change Samsung Wallpaper?

How to change Samsung Wallpaper?


Ways to change wallpapers on Galaxy Smartphones

There are two ways how it is possible to change wallpapers on Galaxy gadgets. You are welcome choosing one of the following methods.

From a home display

  • Choose any place on a display, then tap on it and hold.
  • You will see home screen options. Choose- Add to home screen and then decide if you wish to change Home and lock screen wallpapers or only wallpapers on the Home display.
  • Tap desired wallpaper or a photo from a phones Gallery. If you wish to have something unusual, please think about downloading a necessary item from the net.
  • Next step is tapping- Set as wallpaper.

From a Smartphones Gallery

  • At first, go to your Gallery.
  • Choose a photo or an image, you want setting as wallpapers. Tap a button with three dots and choose- Set as wallpaper.
  • You will mention three various options- Lock screen, Home screen and both Lock and Home screens. Select any you like.
  • The last step is confirming-Set as wallpaper.

Instructions to set different kinds of Wallpapers on Galaxy phones

Setting up Galaxy S8 Infinity Wallpapers

If you are a lucky owner of one of the best flagships from a Korean giant, you probably know about S8 Infinity wallpapers. You will easily find this kind of wallpapers in an application Samsung Themes. Open this app and select definite wallpapers set. A set includes S8 live wallpapers for home, lock screens and one for Always on display. Select a set, you like from the Themes app and after waking up your Galaxy device, you will see always on screen wallpaper.

Tips to set Galaxy S8 live wallpaper

Before setting this kind of wallpapers, it is necessary to download them. If you care about safety, then better choose Play Store. Pick abstract live wallpapers or Mario live wallpaper, depending on your taste and preferences. Choice of live wallpapers that move is really huge.

  • Go to Settings after downloading live wall-papers.
  • Then tap Wallpapers and Themes.
  • Next step is choosing- View all.
  • Then tap on a button with three dots located in the top corner of a display.
  • Select Live Wallpapers.
  • Tap on the chosen item, setting it as wallpaper for only Home display or for both Lock and home screens.
  • That’s the end. Enjoy your upgraded Smartphone!

Live weather wallpapers for Android

If you wish to know what is the weather like today or if you need an umbrella tomorrow, then better choose Samsung live weather wallpapers. Before setting them as wallpapers, you will have to download them. Here are the most popular Live weather apps for your Android device.

  • Go Weather. It is a superb weather application that will provide a detailed forecast for a chosen location. A user will be able to know about speed of wind, precise temperature, time of sunset and sunrise, pressure of air and many other necessary details.
  • Paper land Live Wallpaper. This unusual application will not only help to be aware of weather conditions, but will make your Smartphone look cute. You will mention funny animals , trees and buildings in the application. It’s cool that wallpaper changes its color during the day. To download this free app, just go to Google Play.
  • Weather live Free. One more popular app that can be also found in Google Play. Know info about the weather with the help of this user friendly application. It provides information about speed of the wind, temperature, map of rain and time or sunsets.

How to Set Gif as wallpaper Android

  • At first, download a desired GIF.
  • Then it is necessary to install an application Gif Live Wallpaper. You will easily find it in a Play Store. An application will ask you about an access to media files, choose- Allow.
  • A next step is choosing a GIF you wish to admire on a home or lock screens. To do it, just tap icon of a picture in a top corner of a display. You will see all pictures.
  • Now, it is necessary to change size of a GIF, that was chosen for wallpapers. Usually, Gifs are very small, but with the help of app Gif Live Wallpapers, you can easily resize them.
  • It is possible to change color of the Gifs background, to set another speed and to rotate it.
  • The final step is confirming all made changes. To do it, just tap –Set on Lock screen or Home Screen, as you wish. Usually Smartphones provide you such choice.
  • Now, you are welcome to admire a GIF every time when using a device.

Most popular Wallpapers for Galaxy devices

  • Live Space Wallpaper. If you wish to admire real space on your gadget, hurry to download Space Galaxy 3d live wallpaper app. 360 live wallpaper will make your Smartphone unique and unusual, demonstrating 3d space panoramas.
  • Live wallpaper Star Wars. Fans of Star Wars will find numerous applications with wallpapers for their Galaxy phones. Just go to Google Play.
  • Abstract live wallpapers. There are a lot of owners of Smartphones, who give preference to abstract wallpapers. They are welcome to install an application Abstract Live Wallpaper. It is absolutely free and provide around 30 abstract backgrounds, like water and glass surfaces, where you can paint using a finger and so on.

Goku live wallpaper. If you are a fan of fantasy, then select numerous Goku live wallpapers. Fans will easily find a lot of Goku themed applications in a Play Store.