How to connect Smart Switch  and use it on device?

How to connect Smart Switch and use it on device?


It is always great and exciting to purchase a fresh gadget. No doubts that all owners of new Smartphones or tablets wish to take them from a box and start using immediately. But what about all your favorite applications, numerous photos, video files and important data on the old device? All these files have to be transferred to the new gadget. As a rule, it can take from several hours to half a day if you have never heard about using Samsung Smart Switch. You are welcome to send all necessary stuff from the old Smartphone to a newly bought one following Samsung smart switch instructions. You will find Smart switch in app store. This useful tool will help you to save time, sending important data seamlessly from the old Galaxy or IPhone devices to fresh Galaxy tablets or mobile phones. More than that it helps in finding interesting applications and proposes similar apps , that can be found in Google Play. Smart Switch is useful while scanning and transferring important content on a phone and from card SD.

How do you use Samsung smart switch?

• For transferring files from an old gadget without a wire.

• Sending stuff Using a USB cable.

• From a computer to a fresh Galaxy phone.

Does Smart Switch Need Wi-Fi?

An application will not work without a reliable internet connection on a Smartphone. So, before using this app, make sure that an internet is turned on.

How to use smart switch?

Smart Switch connecting to your device is very simple, if your phone meets such requirements:

• Your gadget has to be manufactured not earlier than 2016 and it has to run such versions of Android as Oreo 8.0, 7.0 or Marshmallow 6.0.

• Make sure than an application is downloaded on both devices- an old and new ones.

How to transfer from S7 to S9

If you don’t know how to use smart switch app, then follow the next instructions to migrate all data from Galaxy S7 to S9.

• Turn on both Smartphones and enter an application on two devices.

• On the old phone choose –Wireless.

• On a fresh Galaxy handset select Wireless too.

• Then tap- Send on the old Smartphone and –Receive on a fresh gadget.

• On a previous model of a phone tap-Connect and on a new handset choose-Android.

• A next step is choosing content, which has to be transferred, after picking important stuff, tap-Send.

• On a fresh Galaxy phone choose Receive.

• When process of transferring is finished, tap- Close an application on both Smartphones.

Now, you know how to transfer files using smart switch.

Samsung smart switch wireless way of migrating data is not the only one method of moving files, one can use a cable USB.

• Turn on two Android devices.

• Connect previous Smartphone to a fresh one with the help of USB cable and a connector.

• SS application will be automatically opened on both devices, if it didn’t happen, then make sure that a cable is connected in a right way.

• Select –Allow on the old Android gadget.

• Don’t hurry, because scanning an old Smartphone takes some time.

• Choose a data that will be transferred and tap-Transfer.

• After finishing Transferring, tap- Close app to finish an operation.

Transfer data from LG to Samsung

Sending stuff from LG to Galaxy device from a Korean giant with the help of Smart Switch is really easy. If you have no idea how to use Samsung smart switch, then have a look at following steps:

• A first step is installing SS app from Samsung on both Smartphones. Open them on the old and a new handset.

• On the LG device select Start and then- Wireless. Then choose –Send and tap Receive on a Galaxy phone. Select necessary files that are going to be moved and tap-Send.

Process of Motorola to Samsung transfer is the same.

If you wish to send files from an Android Smartphone to Blackberry, then use an interesting time-saving application Device Switch. Device Switch download is easy and fast, just find it on Google Play. It allows transferring photographs, videos and contacts from Android phones to Blackberry devices without any need to connect them to a computer.

Smart Switch IOS to Samsung

If you have decided to change your old IPhone to a fresh flagship from Samsung, then you have to know how to smart switch.

• After downloading and installing Smart Switch application from a Korean giant, open it on a fresh device.

• Launch an app and select- Import from ICloud. Don’t forget to backup all video files, images and contacts to account ICloud first.

• Choose stuff you wish to move to a new phone.

How does Samsung Smart Switch work on a PC?

Smart Switch from a Korean company can be installed on a computer with Mac or Windows. At first download an application on your PC. Then sync it with your Smartphone. To do it, launch an application on a computer and connect a mobile phone to a PC with the help of cable USB. You will be proposed to allow files transfer on a Smartphone. Choose- Transfer files on a phone. After connecting a Galaxy device to a computer, it is quite simple to back up necessary files.

• Just launch a Switch application on a PC.

• Select -Backup.

• Then allow access permission on a Smartphone.

• Choose-Allow. If there is a micro SD in your gadget, data stored there can be backed up too.

• After sending all files, select OK to complete an operation.

Summing up, it is necessary to say that Smart Switch from Samsung is a very useful application that has a lot of benefits. It is all in one solution when you wish to purchase a better and a more powerful device.