How to Hide Apps on Samsung Devices?

How to Hide Apps on Samsung Devices?


How to Hide Apps on Samsung

No doubts that Smartphones became part of our lives nowadays. People use them not only for calls, but for taking photos, doing business, visiting various social nets, for playing games and for many other activities. We download tones of various applications on our devices every day, but it happens that people don’t use them regularly. If you are tired to see applications that usually pop up on a screen or you rarely use some of them, then a best way is to hide apps on Samsung. It is quite easy doing it and depends on a model of a gadget.

Tutorial How to hide Apps on Galaxy S7?

If there are some unnecessary applications on your Smartphone, you can easily hide apps on Galaxy S7. Pay attention that some pre-installed applications are in a phone just right out of box and it is impossible to uninstall them.

When hiding an application, remember that it will not be seen in the menu of Apps and they won’t be updated.

In case S7 runs Nougat Android 7.0 follow these steps:

  • On one of Home screens, find tray of Applications.
  • Then select-Settings.
  • Choose-Menu and then-Edit.
  • You will mention a list of applications and a sign- Minus near them, it means that they can be hidden.
  • Select apps, you wish to hide, tapping a sign-Minus.
  • Then press-Turn off.

Can you hide apps on Galaxy S7, running Marshmallow Android 6.0? An answer is- Yes, just look at the following steps.

  • Tap a tray of Applications from a chosen Home Screen.
  • Then find Edit.
  • There will be applications with minus in a right corner, it means that they can be chosen to hide.
  • Tapping Minus, you will select necessary apps.
  • To hide them just tap Turn Off.
  • That’s all!

How to hide Apps on Samsung S8?

If you are a lucky owner of a Smartphone from a Korean giant, then look at this tutorial How to hide apps on Galaxy S8.

  • To pull up an Application Drawer, swipe a display down or up.
  • Find a button with three dots in the right top corner and tap on it.
  • You will see- Home screen Settings. Select- Hide Apps.
  • A nest step is choosing what applications to hide.
  • After picking some, tap Apply.
  • That’s all, a necessary application is hidden now.
  • If you wish to use it again, then go to- Hide applications and unselect it. You will be able to see it in the App Drawer again.

There is one more way to hide undesired apps on your phone, you just need a best launcher for S8.

  • At first go to a Play Store.
  • Write a name of a third party launcher.
  • Then tap-Go.
  • While choosing a best launcher for S8+ or S8, pay attention to its rating and reviews from other users.
  • Tap on a chosen applications.
  • Then choose a button- Install.
  • If it is necessary- tap- Accept.
  • After installing, open a downloaded app.
  • Follow detailed instructions on the screen and you will easily hide everything you need. ( instructions differ in various launchers)
  • In the end, a launcher has to be closed.

It can be quite difficult to choose a best launcher for Galaxy S8, so have a look at the list of the most popular ones:

  • Nova launcher. It is a free application with a really high rating that can hide kik app and many other rarely used ones. It boasts with a user- friendly interface, great level of customization, various features and it is frequently updated.
  • Apex launcher. It will help to hide apps on Samsung absolutely free. It provides icon scaling, allows changing scrolling animation, gestures, looping of home screen and contains many other useful features.
  • Evie Launcher. If you are a fan of minimalism and is concentrated only on important features, then pay attention to this relatively new product, which was able to gain high popularity. It is free, fast, reliable and looks absolutely great on S8 display.
  • Smart Launcher 5. This unique launcher is highly rated and frequently chosen by users of boasts with automatic sorting of applications and can be installed absolutely free from a Play Store.
  • Arrow launcher. One more great application for Galaxy S8 is an Arrow launcher from Microsoft. It is free and can be found in Google Play. It allows easily access sorted applications and contains a lot of useful features.

How to change launcher on S8?

You can download several launchers on a device. If you changed mind and wish to use another installed launcher on S8, look at the following steps:

  • At first go to Settings App.
  • Then tap Apps.
  • Tap a button with three dots for more options.
  • Select- Default applications.
  • Select and tap- Home screen
  • Choose a launcher you wish using as a default one and tap on it.

Step by Step tutorial to hide apps on note 8

If you don’t know how to hide apps on Note 8, then look at this tutorial:

  • At first tap a menu button.
  • Choose- Hide applications.
  • Select necessary apps from the list ad mark them.
  • The next step-tap-Done.
  • If you have a wish to see your hidden applications then again tap- a button Menu and then choose- Show hidden apps. Now you will see a list of hidden applications.
  • Change their status, marking and they will become visible again.

How to Find Hidden Apps on Android Galaxy?

You may have a wish to find hidden applications on the Android device. It is possible doing it with the help of an Application Drawer.

  • Tap on the App Drawer.
  • Then select- Menu icon.
  • Select- Show Hidden Apps. You will see a list of applications that were hidden.

It is also possible to do it, using Settings app.

  • At first go to –Settings.
  • Then find Apps, it is usually somewhere on the end of a list.
Choose- All. Here you will find a full list of all installed applications.