How to make a Flashlight brighter on Samsung?

How to make a Flashlight brighter on Samsung?


Samsung is a popular Smartphone manufacturer that cares about its clients and tries to propose more and more useful features in its devices. Probably it happened to everyone- you appeared in the complete darkness and see nothing. A device from a Korean company will be really helpful in this situation, because it boasts with a lot of helpful features and flashlight is one of them. If you want to change flashlight brightness on your device, but don’t know how to do it, just have a look at the step by step tutorial for the most popular models of devices from Samsung.

How to make a flashlight brighter?

Flashlight can be used in different ways, it is really useful option that exists on all Samsung gadgets. One may need a torch in order to find a dropped object, to warn about possible danger, flashlight can help to create a romantic atmosphere and can be used instead of candles. There are many other situations, when a person may need this feature.

Changing Galaxy S7 Flashlight brightness

Before changing brightness of S7 flashlight, it is necessary to activate this option on a device.

Where is the flashlight on Galaxy S7?

  • A first step is unlocking your S7 phone. To do it, you need a button – Lock, located on the side of a device. It will make a Smartphone awake. Write a secret password or you may use a fingerprint scanning in order to unblock a device.
  • Put finger somewhere on a top of display and start swiping down. You will see a bar- Shortcuts with some icons like Sound, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Scrolling through this menu will help to find a function-Torch.
  • Tap on a Flashlight (Torch) and you will activate it. In order to disable it, tap on flashlight on S7 one more time.

Now, it is high time to start changing brightness of Samsung S7 Flashlight. It is great that this option is available thanks to the latest updates from a company.

  • Place a finger on a top of a screen and pull down.
  • You will mention – Quick Settings.
  • Choose- Torch/Flashlight.
  • There will be a slider with five levels of intensity. Just choose a desired one and enjoy.

One can make S7 edge flashlight brighter in the same way as on S7 or using Edge panel- Tasks.

How to adjust intensity of Galaxy S6 flashlight?

Before changing brightness of Samsung galaxy s6 flashlight, turn on this feature. To do it, follow the same steps as with S7.

One can make flashlight on Samsung Galaxy S6 brighter following this tutorial:

  • Pull down from the top point of the screen and you will see –Quick Settings.
  • Find – Flashlight in Quick settings and tap on it.
  • You will mention a slider with different levels of power.
  • Choose the one and control brightness of flashlight on S6.

Tutorial to alter Note 5 flashlight

A device like Galaxy Note 5 can be used like a torch. It is considered to be a really useful feature on all Smartphones. To use flashlight on note 5, just drag down a status bar and select Quick Launch “Torch” icon. If a flashlight icon Quick Start is not there, it is necessary to tap in a bar Quick launch at the top on –Edit. You will be able to see various shortcuts. Find a –Flashlight icon and pull it in an active bar of a Smartphone. To change brightness of flashlight note 5, it is necessary to pull down a menu and tap on a word- Flashlight. Pay attention that it is necessary to tap not on a picture, but a word. After clicking on a word, you will see adjustment of galaxy note 5 flashlight. Select a necessary level of intensity.

Best Flashlight Applications for Samsung devices

It is possible to change flashlight brightness on Samsung devices with the help of various Torch applications. Just look at the list of the top Samsung torch apps.

  • Galaxy Flashlight. The number one in a list is a Galaxy Flashlight app. It is one of the most popular and brightest flashlights, users have ever seen on Samsung devices. This torch was made for Galaxy gadgets but it also works on many Smartphones from Huawei, Xiaoimi and other popular Chinese manufacturers. No doubts that it is a best flashlight app for Samsung galaxy S5, S6, Galaxy S7 and the newest models. An app is simple to use, has an interesting design and guarantees that your device will boast with the superb bright light.
  • Bright Light Flashlight. It is a free application with a very high rating in the Play Store. This useful all was made by a talented team from Canada. It can adjust flashlight brightness to the maximum and has a simple and understandable navigation.
  • Flashlight for Samsung Galaxy. It is a safe and free application that allows sending signals SOS in any kind of emergencies. Having this app, you will not worry about getting lost, because it includes an extra feature- compass. Benefits of an application are :
  • Flashlight from Lighthouse. To change android flashlight brightness is quite easy with the help of this app. It will be really helpful if you lost something in the dark or can’t find your way. An application contains standard features and allows changing color of flashlight by choosing a tint on a screen. More than that, it allows sending Morse code in an emergency. An app costs nothing, but keep in mind that it contains some advertisements.
  • It is safe.
  • Easy and fast to use.
  • Includes button- SOS.
  • Contains extra features- Battery Meter and Compass.

Super Bright LED flashlight. With the help of a user- friendly interface of an app, everybody can adjust flashlight brightness on Samsung gadgets. More than that it contains blinking and lights strobe modes. Simple to use, free and reliable application has to be among the first downloaded apps on your device.