How to Move applications to SD card Android?

How to Move applications to SD card Android?


If you have a Smartphone that runs android, then you have probably tried a lot of useful applications. There are hundreds of apps, we wish to try, but sadly a phones memory is really limited. In order to have some free space on a device, you have to move apps to sd card.

How to transfer app to SD card?

All programs are installed on a gadgets memory and it is understandable because a removable SD is not as reliable as an Int. Memory of a device. Note that not all applications can be removed, there are Android System applications that has to be in a phones memory.

If you mentioned that there is not enough storage on your Smartphone, a reasonable decision will be to get some more. It will be wise to purchase an SD card that has more capacity. After inserting it to your device, it is high time to move all necessary and important content there in order to free an internal storage of your Smartphone.

If you want to know how to transfer apps to sd card, then read this step by step tutorial. Depending on a version of Android that is on your gadget, there are several ways to transfer apps to sd card. Before deciding to move everything to sd card, keep in mind next points:

  • Applications can work slower if they are stored on SD, but not in a gadgets internal storage.
  • To move all apps to sd card you will have to root a Smartphone or a tablet, running Android.
  • If you want to use a definite widget, it is better not moving an application which provides it.
  • Some system tools will not work well if they are kept in external memory.
  • It is better not to move really important and frequently used apps.

For Devices running Android 2.2-5.1

To move apps to an external memory on gadgets that run earlier variants of Android follow such steps:

  • Find Settings and then tap Applications.
  • Choose software that has to be moved.
  • Then select-Move to Sd card ( if there is no such an option, then software can be used only from phones or tablets memory)

How to move apps from internal storage to sd card if your device runs Android Marshmallow?

If you are a lucky owner of a device that has a newer version of Android 6.0 and higher, then look at the following tutorial:

  • Go to Applications and choose everything you wish to move.
  • The next step is opening Memory tab.
  • Tap on Change and then select- card SD.

How to put apps on sd card if you own Galaxy S9, S7 or S8?

  • In Applications choose what has to be moved.
  • Then select a button- Storage.
  • Tap on – Change and Card SD.

How to move stuff to SD card fast and easy with the help of useful applications?

There are a lot of helpful tools and applications that will help to send necessary apps to an external drive. To choose the best tool, we recommend you trying one of the following apps.

  • App MGR 3. This helpful app is absolutely free and you are welcome to find in Play store. Its benefits are- helps to move applications to external memory, helps to clear cache and to group different useful applications. More than that, it can freeze apps so they will not use your phones memory. App Mgr3 can also hide some built in applications, so they will not bother you anymore.
  • Link2sd. This app manager is a very functional tool. Its main options are – moving apps to sd card android, sorts various programs, informs about amount of free space on a device.
  • Files to Sd card. One more superb android move app to sd card will help you to copy necessary folders and files and to store them on an external memory of a phone, helps to remove unuseful files from memory of a Smartphone or a tablet.

Why can’t I move apps to SD card?

It is necessary to remember that there are applications that can’t be moved to external memory. Of course it is very disappointing if you own a device with the small Int. Memory for example 8GB and you plan to purchase an SD card to move all important apps, but you find out in the end that it is impossible doing it. Remember, that you will not be able to move some pre-installed apps like Youtube or Chrome. You have probably mentioned that manufacturers usually install some applications on a device an there are high chances that they can’t be sent to SD card too.