How to Screenshot on Different Samsung Models?

How to Screenshot on Different Samsung Models?


Why do I need Samsung Galaxy S7 Screenshot?

There are a lot of fans of Korean devices and it is not surprising. They can be used in so many different ways. Smartphone from Samsung is a great combination of many useful features for quite reasonable price. A user may need taking screenshot on Galaxy S 7 in following situations:

  • A desire to demonstrate some achievements in various applications and games;
  • to save number of payments, made online;
  • if you wish to help somebody to find location of a definite object using Google map;
  • You have a wish to show a funny content or somebody’s photos from the net.

It is possible to continue this list for a very long time.

If you don’t know how to screenshot on Galaxy S7 and think that it is very difficult, you are mistaken. There is no need to download various applications to get screenshot on S7.

There are three simple ways how to take a screenshot on a galaxy S7. A tutorial also contains info about using of a scroll capture that makes it possible to get a screenshot on S7 edge and S7.

How to Screenshot on Samsung S 7 in Three Ways

If you want to have galaxy S 7 screen shot or don’t know how to take a screenshot on galaxy s7 edge, look at these methods:

  • Assistant menu way;
  • Using your palm;
  • Pressing power and home buttons.

No doubts that assistant menu way is so simple, that even your grandfather can easily use it. if you need a quickest way, then pay attention to combination of home and power buttons.

Using Home and Power buttons

Owners of S lineup Smartphones know that it is really easy to take screenshots on these devices. If you need S7 or S7 edge screen shots, then simultaneously press and hold two buttons- Power and Home. It is a fastest way to screen shot on s7. Some users of these devices might have problems using this method in following cases:

  • Can’t hold buttons at the same time;
  • Do the following actions too quickly.

Use your palm to screenshot with galaxy s7 or s7 edge

There is a very interesting way to screenshot on android s7. Pay attention that a palm has to touch a display very slightly.

A first step is to activate this unique feature on the device. To do it, you have to open Settings and then find Advanced features. Select – Palm Swipe to Capture. You won’t be able to use this method without turning on an option. Of course, this way of getting galaxy s7 screenshots is not reliable, especially when a user is in a hurry, but there are no doubts that it is unusual and interesting.

After knowing how to screenshot on Samsung galaxy S7 with the help of two methods, it is high time to have a look at the third one, the easiest. It is so simple that even a grandfather will be able to screenshot with s7.

Using Assistant Menu

All devices of S Lineup, starting from S6 can boast with the Assistant menu. It became really helpful for many users and can be used for taking screenshots on galaxy s7 and 7edge. You don’t need a lot of experience and practice to screen capture on galaxy s7. Remember, that it is necessary to activate assistant menu at first. To do it, go to Settings, then tap accessibility, then find Dexterity and interaction. There you will see an Assistant menu, you have to turn it on. After activating a feature, you will mention a special button on a Home screen of a Smartphone. Note, that you are welcome to position it in any corner of the display. There is a screenshot button in the Assistance menu and you can use it for S7 screen capturing.

How to screenshot on Samsung S7 edge and S7 using a scroll capture

Scroll capture is a very helpful feature when you wish to screenshot on galaxy s 7 edge. Probably, you have mentioned that it can be hard to screenshot some web pages, it is almost impossible to do it with the help of just one action. It is necessary to screenshot with galaxy s7 or 7edge several times to save all necessary images and info. A unique feature scroll capture let you transform several screen shots into the one, sticking them together.

Just look how to do screenshots on galaxy S7 and edge version:

At first open a necessary web page. Use one of three ways of taking s7 screen shots. You will mention several buttons saying- share, capture more or crop. Choose capture More option. You will have to make a decision really fast, because special button will not be seen on a display in around 4 seconds. After choosing capture more, a next screen will be included into a screen shot. Continue tapping until you get what is needed.

If you choose Share, your galaxy s 7 screen shots will be rapidly shared. If you select Crop, they will be edited.

How to do a screenshot on Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

If you wish to show somebody what you see on a display of your device, you can take a screenshot. It is very easy doing it, if you own Galaxy S 6 edge or S6.

How to take a screenshot on galaxy s6 edge with the help of a palm

At first, find a content you want to save. Then swipe from the right side of a screen to the left one. Don’t hurry and do it slowly, slightly pressing a palm to a display.

Using two buttons at the same time

This way of taking screen shots is really easy and understandable. Everything you have to do is to press two buttons simultaneously, they are Power and Home. If you press one button a little bit earlier than another, you will make your device sleep.

How to do a screenshot on galaxy s6 using an assistant menu

One more way to screenshot on S6 is to use an assistant menu. It is necessary to activate it going to application menu, then to settings, Accessibility and then to Dexterity and Interaction. There you will find an Assistant menu. Activate this tool and you will see a gray button on a phones display. Tap it and select –screenshot. You will find a taken screen shots in a Smartphones gallery.