How to Sync Chrome Bookmarks on your Samsung Device?

How to Sync Chrome Bookmarks on your Samsung Device?


No doubts that Chrome is one of the most popular browsers nowadays. If you often use this browser on different gadgets, you may have a wish to synchronize mobile bookmarks, passwords and necessary settings on your tablets, computers and Smartphones. Millions of Android devices are made every year and Google Chrome is a frequently used browser in more than 80% of Smartphones. It is not surprising, because it has a lot of benefits-stability, easy adaptability and high productivity.

It is possible to come to the conclusion that if there are a lot of people who give preference to Chrome on their mobile phones, they probably use it on computers too. Luckily, it is quite easy to sync Google bookmarks , so everything a user does on a phone can be seen on a personal computer or a tablet.

How to sync Chrome bookmarks ?

If you own a device from a Korean giant, then you probably have a pre installed Net Browser from Samsung. A lot of reviews claim that it is even faster than Chrome. Many users wish to sync google chrome bookmarks with browser Samsung Internet. It is quite easy doing it, you won’t have any problems following this detailed tutorial how to synchronize chrome mobile bookmarks.

Chrome bookmark sync in seven steps

A Korean company made Samsung chrome internet extension that allows users to synchronize bookmarks between Samsung Internet and Chrome.

  • Downloading of an extension is quite easy, just go to using Google Chrome. You will be redirected to extension Samsung Net. Find a button –Add to chrome and click it.
  • You will see a frame with two buttons, choose – Add extension. It will add to Chrome on a desktop.
  • Now, look at an address bar on Chrome, there has to be a sign of Samsung Internet Extension.
  • Click on it and provide necessary Samsung account info like email and password, don’t forget to select a button- Remember me and then choose-Sign in.
  • Now, tap a button- Import and an extension will allow choosing from Chrome bookmarks list what you wish importing to web browser Sam. Internet on your favorite Samsung gadget.
  • A frame on a screen will ask you to replace, cancel or add chrome mobile bookmarks in a folder. Choose a button-Add.
  • Finally, you can find mobile bookmarks chrome in extension, which are synced with web browser from Samsung on your Galaxy Tablet or Smartphone.

(it looks like a small planet)

Where are my bookmarks on my phone?

It may happen that a user can’t find a necessary bookmark. To do it, just read a following tutorial.

  • In order to access a necessary bookmark, open a browser you use. ( it may be Chrome or Samsung Int. browser)
  • On Samsung Int.Br. Select- Bookmarks on a menu bar. If you use browser Chrome, then tap- three dots button and choose –Bookmark.
  • For Samsung Browser select a desired bookmark that has to be opened.
  • If you prefer browser Google, then note that a necessary bookmark might not appear immediately. If it is not there, then tap an arrow to see a menu of Bookmarks.
  • Now you know how to access mobile bookmarks.

How to share bookmarks from Chrome?

If you want to use another browser and don’t wish to lose favorite bookmarks, then it is possible to move them.

Look at this simple tutorial:

  • Open Google Chrome on your Samsungs tablet or Smartphone.
  • Select a button with three dots.
  • Choose bookmarks and then a Bookmark manager.
  • Tap- More at the top and select- Export Bookmarks. Android Chrome exports bookmarks in a form of a file HTML. Import necessary bookmarks to a chosen browser with the help of this file.

How to delete Samsung mobile bookmarks?

You have probably mentioned a Bookmarks folder called Samsung Mobile that is in Chrome. If you want to delete this folder, follow these steps:

  • To delete Samsung mobile bookmark folder on a Smartphone, at first open Settings, then tap-General and Application manager. Choose- All.
  • Then tap
  • Select-Turn off on a screen App Info.
After restarting a Smartphone, you will not see Sam Mobile bookmark folder any more.