How to Unlock Samsung Smartphones?

How to Unlock Samsung Smartphones?


How to get Into a locked Samsung phone?

All modern Smartphones are equipped with different methods of locking and securing private information. These numerous ways to block a handset help to keep others out of your smartphone and make inside content inaccessible to other users. If it happened so that a Smartphone is locked and you don’t remember a password, pin code, or maybe somebody entered a mistaken password more times, than necessary, try not to panic. Exist many ways how to get into a locked Samsung phone. Of course some methods need some efforts or technical skill, other ways can delete important data on a device. So let’s have a look at some most popular solutions, when user has a problem-I can’t unlock my android phone from Samsung.

How to unlock Samsung galaxy s 7 without password

Look at these simple ways of unlocking phones, if you forgot a created password.

Galaxy s7 locked out – Android Device Manager helps you

If a user can’t remember a password and wishes to enter a device again, just go to Google AD Manager. Enter Google password or email and choose Sign in. Then find ‘Lock’. Create another screen lock password and choose ‘Lock’. The handset display is going to be unlocked. Pay attention, to fulfill all these actions, it is necessary to own a Google account. If you don’t have it, then you won’t avoid resetting a device. All info will be removed from a Smartphone; content that is on a SIM card will be removed.

Factory reset galaxy s7 without password

First step is ‘Turn Off’ a Smartphone. Then hold two buttons, Volume Up and Home. Turn a device on. With the help of a button Volume down highlight Factory reset/Wipe data, then press Power to choose. A Key Volume down has to be used while choosing ‘Yes’ to remove all user data. Then press Power one more time. Now, you are welcome to restart a Smartphone. The factory resetting process is completed.

Bring a Phone to the manufacturer

If all methods mentioned above didn’t help, then don’t be frustrated. There is one more solution of a problem. You can bring a Smartphone to the manufacturer, Samsung and they will help with unlocking your handset. User has to bring a receipt, which proves a purchase and it’s important not to forget about an ID card. Such problems are quite common, so Samsung can easily help with unlocking a device if you forgot password to galaxy s7.

Solutions to problem-Samsung s5 locked out

How to factory reset Samsung galaxy s5 without password

If a user wants to unblock a device but have forgotten password, a factory reset will definitely help. At first, turn off your S5. Then it is necessary to hold three buttons, ‘home’, ‘power’ and ‘volume up’. When you mention menu, stop holding buttons. Then highlight Data wipe/Factory reset using buttons of volume. Use a button Power to choose an option. Choose ‘Yes’. When resetting is completed, highlight an option ‘Reboot’ and press button ‘Power’. While setting up sensor of fingerprints, please choose passwords or pin codes, which are easy to remember. The best idea is to write down important passwords somewhere on a piece of paper and keep it in a secure place.

How to unlock galaxy s5 without factory reset

If a user forgot backup password s5, please, don’t worry. At first, you can benefit from Android Device manager to change a password from a tablet and a computer. Using a PC, go to AD Manager. Then accept a tracking agreement and locate your Smartphone on a screen. Activate Lock and Erase. Follow some instructions, setting a temporary pass word. After entering a password on S5, a user will have an access. Think about another password or pin and please, fix it somewhere in order not to forget.

Then, there is one more way to unlock S5. Just use a service Find my Mobile. The first step is to register your phone with Samsung, then you are welcome to use a service Find My Mobile and as a result to set a password that is temporary. After accessing a Smartphone with a temporary password, start setting a new one which is not hard to remember.

How to unlock Samsung galaxy s6 forgot password

If you own Galaxy S6 or S6 edge, you are welcome to look at following ways of unlocking a mobile phone.

Use Find my mobile Galaxy S6

Find my mobile is a really useful service which helps to unlock a Smartphone. Visit Find my Mobile web-site using a tablet or a PC. On the left side bar, choose Unlock my device.

You can also use Google account to unlock galaxy s6. Use a computer to visit Google security website and generate temporary password that will help entering a phone. But if you don’t remember password of Google account, you won’t be able to use such way of unlocking.

Factory reset locked Galaxy S6

If you don’t want to lose important data on a device, then choose factory reset. It will help to remove password, making a Smartphone like it was while purchasing. Using this method, you have to remember that you will lose all phone numbers, private data and applications. To factory reset S6, follow the same instructions as in Galaxy S5 and S7.

You have forgotten Samsung S8 password, it is not a problem

Galaxy S8 is a Korean flagship that saw the world only last year. No doubts it is a great device that is secure and can boast with so many useful features. Some owners of the handset use it not only for entertainment, but for doing their business. So these phones contain a lot of important info, various applications, contacts and emails. In order to secure information, many users set up a Lockscreen. But what should you do, if you can’t remember it?

Using a helpful feature Find My phone

Pay attention that to apply this method, a device has to be previously registered to a Samsung account.

At first go to a website Find my mobile. The next step is to logg in with the help of Samsung account that was created earlier. Find ‘Unlock my device’. Note that a device has to be not only turned on, but connected to the net.