Is It Possible to Reset KNOX Counter?

Is It Possible to Reset KNOX Counter?


First of all, Knox counter is an innovative Samsung’s mobile security solution. A lot of developers use their own software to protect phones. However, this app is implemented deeper in the device’s software and hardware.

Some users say that the app is too annoying, especially if you try to root your phone or install non-Samsung applications. In many cases even if you try to update your Android to the newest version, the Knox counter will be tripped. So, the next issue you’ll need to solve is how to reset the Knox counter?

Well, the short answer, you can’t do it. Once Knox has been tripped, it is not repairable. This is why you should think twice if you really want to update or root your device using non-Samsung Certified applications.

There is a way to check the Knox counter. Follow the steps below to know if it was tripped:

  • power off the phone;

  • hold three buttons simultaneously: Power, Home and Volume Down;

  • press the Volume Up button after the Warning Screen is shown;

  • status of the app will be displayed in the upper left corner.

“Knox Warranty Void: 0x0” means the Knox counter is not tripped. Nevertheless, if “0x1” is displayed on the screen, you are in trouble. Some Internet users offer to download applications to reset Knox counter. The most popular are Triangle Away and KNOX Reset Pro. However, you should keep in mind that these apps are compatible with a limited number of the Samsung devices and models. What is more, all of these apps are pretty unstable and can damage the device.

Nevertheless, no application can really fix the problem. The deal is that Knox counter makes a physical change to the motherboard, so to reset it you’ll need to replace the board as well as program your phone Serial number and IMEI to the new one. This is why Samsung technician can only make Samsung Knox counter reset. The experts say you can also fix the phone by replacing a hardware component called PDA, the Printed Board Assembly. To do this you’ll need to contact the Samsung Service Center.

As you can see, it is better to prevent the tripping of the Knox Counter then to reset it after. In addition, some users also advise to wait until your warranty is no longer available and only after that flash any non-Samsung Certified applications on the device.