Review of a Smartphone from a Korean giant-Galaxy A9

Review of a Smartphone from a Korean giant-Galaxy A9


Review of a Smartphone from a Korean giant-Galaxy A9

Samsung is trying to save its leading position on a market of Smartphone manufacturers and to compete with its Chinese rivals. In order to attract more consumers, a Korean company surprises with unique specifications, like it happened with Galaxy A9, which boasts with four rare cameras.

Characteristics of a device are really impressive, Random Access Memory 8GB, storage 128 GB and a powerful battery that is 3800bmAh.

Display and overall look of Galaxy A9

Gradient colors are very fashionable nowadays, so Samsung is trying to keep up with the latest trends and propose Galaxy A9 in unique gradient tints. Such devices look very attractive and stylish. Of course, users will not see the back cover of a phone too often, almost all of them will purchase protective cases, but still, unique design of a Smartphone is one of advantages.

A Smartphone is made of glass and metal. You will mention four cameras at the back of a device. Button Bixby is on a left side of a phone, so it will take some time to get used to its new location.

Display of Galaxy A9 is quite big, so, you may need two hands to use it comfortably. Super AMOLED infinity panel is 6,3 inches, it guarantees bright colors, wide angles of viewing and is comfortable to view, no matter if it is dark or there is bright sunlight.

Phones Camera

A front 24 megapixel camera is ideal for making numerous selfies. You are welcome to take photos outdoors and indoors, but care about an artificial light. Outdoor photos will be brighter and more detailed. There is an interesting feature –Selfie Focus, it allows making bokeh photographs. This option works well both indoors and outdoors.

A phone includes AR Emoji, that are quite fun to use. Characters copy mimics of a user, but don’t hope that a created hero will look exactly like you.

Galaxy S9 has four rare cameras. Of course, a lot of fans of photographs were looking for a device with such characteristics, but it turned out that photos taken by A9 are not really much better than those, shot by Galaxy A7. There are still some problems with autofocus. Ultra wide and Zoom cameras don’t perform ideally when there is not enough light.

Quality of Audio and phones performance

If to speak about Smartphones performance, it is as good as on flagships. It copes well with multitasking. A Device has a processor Snapdragon 660 and Random Access Memory 6GB.

There are several ways to unlock a device- scanning or iris, sensor of fingerprints and facial recognition. All three variants work well, but the most frequently chosen method is, no doubts, fingerprint sensor.

As for audio, there is one loudspeaker located near a USB port. Of course, A9 is not a loudest device, but quality of audio is very high. A phone boasts with the same earphones as come with Samsungs flagships.

Quality of calls is really good, though its volume might be a little bit louder for a comfortable use even in crowded places.

Galaxy A9 runs Oreo Android 8.0 which includes all typical features. A phone sadly doesn’t include a paying Service from a Korean giant- Samsung pay, though it was installed on other middle range devices. Maybe a company will add it with the upcoming update, but still it will not happen earlier than middle of Spring.

Life of A9s battery is really impressive. A device can work actively for 24 hours without any additional charging. A phones 3800 mAh battery supports fast charging, so it won’t take you a lot of time to charge a gadget.

Summing up, Galaxy A9 is a device with many advantages, like great performance, huge display, a lot of software and camera features, full support of Bixby and unique gradient look. Of course, there are some cons too, like lack of Samsung Pay, not ideal work of rare cameras and lack of water resistance. If these characteristics don’t bother you and you are ready to spend about 500 Euro, then pay attention to this Smartphone from Samsung.