Samsung Always on Display review

Samsung Always on Display review


Everything about AOD feature

Always on Display or it is also known as AOD is a great feature that allows you to see time, various notifications, calendar, battery life etc. on the phones screen without waking it up. Isn’t it great? There is no need in waking up a display every time you wish to know time or to have a look at some notifications.

Always on display s7

All owners of Galaxy S7 are lucky to test a fresh feature AOD. There is no need to worry about batteries life, because an option doesn’t consume a lot of energy. S7 always on display consumes around 0.60 percent of battery life an hour.

Activation of Samsung galaxy S7 always on display

To enable Always on display Samsung s7:

  • Tap an icon- Settings.
  • Then choose- Lock Screen and Security.
  • The next step is tapping- Always on Display.
  • You are welcome to enjoy this great feature.

How to turn off always on display S7?

If you want disabling this feature, you have to go to Settings, then to Display. Select- Always on Display and using a switch- turn it off. It is very easy to do it. Now, you know how to turn off always on display s7 and every time when you wish to know time or date, you will have to tap home or power buttons to turn on a gadget.

Galaxy S7 night mode

S7 night mode is also known as Filter Blue Light. Using such unique option you will mention that eyes feel less strain and you start sleeping much better. Recent studies proved that blue light is a main reason of eye stress. More than that, some say that it also reduces a level of melatonin and stimulated work of brain even at night, causing insomnia.

It is a well-known fact that a Korean giant cares about its clients and that’s why they provided a fresh unique feature that removes blue light.

How to activate Samsung galaxy s7 night mode

A later update provided this feature to all owners of Galaxy S7 devices. If you want to activate this helpful option then follow next steps:

  • Go to –Settings and choose- Display.
  • Select a feature- Blue Light Filter.
  • Then turn it on and with the help of a slider, regulate a desired level of blue light.
  • You will mention really big changes on the display because everything will be of orange tints, no blue color.

To deactivate Night mode Samsung s7, go to menu- Settings and Turn off this feature.

Some say that it is better not to deactivate Night mode, but to set a definite schedule of using this option. Your S7 Smartphone can automatically turn on this feature at night and turn it off during the day. To do it, look at this tutorial:

  • Go to – Settings and select- Display.
  • Choose- Blue light filter and tap- Turn on as scheduled.
  • Select-Custom or Sunset to sunrise.
  • Choose start and end time.
  • Enjoy using your gadget that will automatically activate Night mode regyme.

Galaxy S7 edge always on display

AOD is available not only on S7 and newer models of Smartphones, it can be also found on S7 Edge.

To activate S7 edge always on display, follow these steps:

  • Find an Icon Applications on the home display and tap on it.
  • Select- Settings and then- settings of Display.
  • Choose- AOD feature.
  • Activate it, tapping on - Switch.
  • The next step is tapping on –Content to Show.
  • Choose –Calendar, Clock or Image.
  • When a Smartphone is sleeping, a display will show- Selected info.

If you need to deactivate Always on display S7 edge, go to Settings, Display and simply turn off an option.

S7 edge night mode

Night mode option is also available on Galaxy S7 Edge. You can set it, looking at the S7 Night mode activation tutorial that is above.

Night Clock

ou have probably mentioned that there is no more feature Night Clock in S7edge. There is no need to worry, because it became a part of an option AOD. Pay attention that Night Clock changed its name and now, you will find it as S7 Edge night clock. So, how to set an Edge clock? Look at the step by step tutorial:

  • At first find Settings and then to Lock screen and Security.
  • Activate AOD, select and option- Clock and face Widgets.
  • Now, it is high time to tap Clock style and start selecting a necessary design.
  • Swiping left will show a lot of clock variants, just choose the one you prefer.

If you wish seeing an Edge clock, then tap on it. After enabling EC, a user is welcome to choose its color and location on the display.