Samsung Galaxy S7 vs S8

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs S8


It is really difficult to imagine a modern world without numerous helpful gadgets. No doubts that number one in the list of the most useful devices are Smartphones that combine a lot of necessary functions like accepting calls, sending different kinds of messages, taking photos etc. There are a lot of manufacturers of Smartphones, who propose their high quality phones and Samsung is among them. It occupies one of the leading positions on the market of high-tech devices and is definitely reputable company. If you are looking for a really reliable and high-quality device then have a look at Galaxy gadgets. It can be really difficult to choose a necessary model of a Smartphone, so pay attention to Samsung Galaxy Comparison chart and read our detailed review of both Smartphones.

Samsung S7 vs Samsung S8

No doubts that both devices are superb, but of course there is a difference between Galaxy S7 and S8. Let’s look at their characteristics and compare them.

Date of Launching

When we compare Galaxy S7 and S8, it is necessary to pay attention to the date of their launching. Galaxy S7 was announced in the beginning of February 2016 and was released two months later, in March. Galaxy S8 is a newer device that saw the world a year later, in became available in the middle of spring, in two months after an official announcement.

Differences in design

If to speak about design of Galaxy 7 vs Galaxy 8, it is necessary to admit a difference in size. A previous model is a little bit smaller and lighter, it weighs 152g and S8 is 155g. Both phones have a Super Amoled display, but their sizes are different. S7 has a screen-5,1 inches and S8-5,8 inches. Of course a newer gadget has a more improved design and boasts with the fingerprint sensor, located at the back of a device and Gorilla Glass five (S7 had Gorilla Glass 4).S8 has an attractive display with curved edges. Samsung proposes more color options for S8, it can be purchased in classic shades and some rare ones like Orchid Grey and Burgundy red.

Summing up, Galaxy S8 looks more appealing than its predecessor and it can play a really significant role for some fans of Korean gadgets.

Phone camera comparison

Samsung Galaxy S7 pictures were considered to be the best for a long time. Now it is high time to have a look at quality of camera on S8. Both devices have a rare camera that is 12 megapixels. They contain such features as panorama, auto HDR and LED flash. Quality of video will be the same on these two Smartphones. Samsung S7 camera reviews claim that photographs taken at night time are a little bit worse, in comparison with photos taken with the help of S8. If to speak about selfie camera, phone camera comparisons showed that there are differences in quality of photos because S7 has 5MP camera and S8 boasts with 8MP one. It allows making better selfie photos. So pay attention to this characteristic, if you are a fan of various social nets like Instagramm or Facebook.

Battery life

If to talk about battery life of Samsung S8 vs S7, it is important to mention that both Smartphones have the same non-removable Li-On batteries that are 3000mAh. A talk time of S7 is around 22 hours and S8-20 hours, two h less. As for listening to music, S8 promises that you will enjoy favorite melodies 5 hours longer than on its predecessor.

Features of Galaxy 7 vs 8

Both Smartphones from Samsung contain sensors of fingerprints, compass, gyro, accelerometer, heart rate and barometer, but S8 has one more feature and it is a scanner of iris. It allows unblocking your device in one more unique way. As for fingerprint sensor, it is located below a home button on S7 and -on the back on S8. It may be a little bit uncomfortable to unblock Galaxy 8 if it is on a table for example.

As for charging of galaxy 7 vs galaxy8, they both support Fast Battery and wireless charging. S7 contains SVoice language dictation and commands; S8 has Bixby language commands and dictation.

S7 versus S8 Final word

Comparing two devices, it is possible to say that galaxy S8 is all about an upgraded design, it boasts with an impressive ratio-display to body and it will be a great choice for users, who appreciate large screens. Summing up, S8 is an upgraded variant of S7, that has almost the same main specifications like camera, capacity of battery etc. so, what gadget to chose depends only on your choice. If you have enough means and wish to have a fresh device, then purchase Galaxy8, if you want to have better value for money, then your choice has to be- S7.