Samsung Music App and How to Use it?

Samsung Music App and How to Use it?


Samsung MusicIt is not a secret that there are many fans of music, who listen to it everywhere, on their way to work, while eating, training in a gym, relaxing and even working. No doubts that the easiest way to listen to a favorite song is to use your gadget. There are various music apks, which provide an access to a wonderful and exciting world of music.

Choice of music player apks is really huge. You can choose a free music apk and enjoy favorite songs on the go. If you don’t know which one to choose, pay attention to Samsung music player apk.

What is Samsung Music?

Samsung music is one of the best applications that provide superb functionality and boasts with a really simple and friendly interface.

This great Samsung music player app has a lot of advantages:

  • You are welcome to listen to such formats as AAC, MP3, WMA and FLAC( it is a fresh format of sound files that guarantee superb quality of sound without any losses).
  • Users can create lists of songs by the various categories.
  • An application is user friendly and is as simple to use, that even your grandma will be able to listen to her favorite melodies.

Samsung Music Downloads

If you wish to use Samsung Music application and to install it on a device, there are two ways to do it.

Samsung music app downloading from Play Store

To do it, just follow the next steps.

  • Find on a phones display – Applications and tap on this button.
  • Then choose an icon- Play store.
  • Tap- Samsung Music and you will see it number one in a list.
  • Select- Install.
  • Samsung music download is successfully finished. Enjoy it!

Music apk download from Galaxy Apps

  • A first step is choosing Apps on a home screen.
  • Then select- Galaxy applications.
  • Pick- for Galaxy.
  • A next step is selecting- Galaxy Essentials.
  • Choose Samsung play music app.

How to add lyrics to Samsung Music?

Some fans of music may have a wish not only to listen to their adored songs, but to sing together with favorites. In this way, you need song’s lyrics. If you don’t know how to add it, just look at this step by step tutorial.

  • At first Open Music Player.
  • Can’t find any lyrics? No need to worry.
  • Open your browser.
  • Search for lyrics on the web
  • Copy song lyrics using press and hold method.
  • Now return and open a tag editor app, like Star Editor.
  • Then select a song, you wish to add lyrics to.
  • Scroll down, finding option for lyrics.
  • Press and hold an area, pasting words, which were copied.
  • Now go to Samsung Music, open a desired song and you will see its lyrics. You are welcome to sing with a favorite artist!

Do you want to download music to phone for free Samsung? Samsung Play is not the only one application, there are some other products of a very good quality.

Just have a look at the list of the best music player apks that are absolutely free for your Android device.

  • Music Maniac. It was one of the most popular and frequently chosen music downloaders for Galaxy S6. An application provides a really impressive access to database of songs to any taste. There are two ways of searching for songs- by an artist or by typing a name of a desired song. After being an extremely popular mp3 apk, it was removed from a Play Store. But if you really need it, you are welcome to search for a downloading link in the net.
  • Mp3 Music Download. It can be easily found in Google Play Store ad downloaded without wasting even a dollar. An application boasts with the huge database and is easy to use, though some users had problems with finding songs after downloading them. In order to avoid such a problem, try to find a song in the Library, it is a section in an application.
  • Musicolet. Want to find a best Galaxy S7 music downloader? Pay attention to Musicolet. Simple in style, but rich in functioning. You are welcome to use one of its useful features like creating multiple albums, sleep timer and editor of tags.

Top Samsung Galaxy S8 music players

Samsung Music App

Of course, number one in a list is Samsung Music Application. A lot of reviews claim that it is better than Google Play Music. It works great even on a lock screen.

Media Monkey

A second place belongs to media Monkey. One can browse its library according to artists, albums, genres and tracks. It is really easy to find a necessary song in this music player. No doubts that it is a top Samsung s8 music player.

Player Pro

It allows playing not only audio files but videos on your Android device. You are welcome to create own numerous playlists and sort by artists, genres, albums and so on. A Music download apk is easy to use and guarantees high quality of sound.