Xposed Framework: How to Download and Install

Xposed Framework: How to Download and Install


Android is one of the most widespread Operating Systems for mobile devices. It is easy and convenient to use. However, there are very a few options to customize a smartphone. If you want to add some useful functions to your handset or tablet, use other apps compatible with a gadget and Android version. In this article, we will tell you how to install Xposed Framework application.

At the beginning, you’ll have to root your smart device and take a full backup. At least save the most important info, because installing some apps can damage the device or make it unusable. So, first install root and backup applications, make sure your data is saved and only after that move to the next step.

Now you’ll have to find Xposed Framework Installer. Open the app download page on the web to find the proper version. Check out a given Android version and keep in mind that for older versions of the operating system you’ll need an older version of an app. Search for the proper version on the Xposed installer Framework page. Then click ‘Download’ and save the APK file.

Perhaps, you’ll receive a warning that the new program will damage the device. Don’t hesitate and confirm your actions. After downloading is completed, open the file. Now you are just about to install Xposed Framework.

How to Install Xposed Framework

Follow the simple guide and on-screen instructions to install the application properly. Give the application several permissions: don’t be afraid, it won’t damage or affect your data. Furthermore, you’ve backed up your device.

Click a proper button to confirm the action. That’s all! The easiest part has passed on. The next thing is to install Framework. Click an app and find a proper button, press it and then pick the Install/Update option in the menu. Reboot the device as soon as the is done.

After the Xposed Framework installation is completed, you need to install modules of the program, as any new functions won’t be added to the device by default. Now click the application and open the Download section. Pick modules, which will help you to customize the device. The modules are also APK files so they can be easily installed. Pick the module to see details and make it active.

However, to get the module is only one part of the device customization. The selected items have to be enabled. There are two ways to do it. First one is very easy: after the module installation, you’ll get a notification that it is not active. Click it and you’ll be taken to this module section where you can enable or disable any functions. Another way is a bit longer. Open Modules section in the Xposed application. There you’ll need to find a proper module and set it up.